Thursday, 29 January 2009

Look What Came Through The Letterbox

I love the new format!

Gorgeous new china

My bargain radio

There are also a few tutorials

I did notice that on the front cover there a price of £1.50, i suppose people who sign up for one will get it free and they will be for sale in the shops!
Lots of gorgeous new goodies, I love the new messenger bags and the cagoules in a bag too!!
I suppose your wondering who our potential new family member could be, you might of remembered me mentioning about getting a dog but we decided against it for the moment and chose to go for a cat instead, Mason our youngest is a very timid little boy and we hope that by having a cat it would help him, so we contacted our local RSPCA as we had seen some of their cats on the web. On tuesday a gorgeous cat was brought to see us, she was beautiful to look at but much bigger than we thought she would be, she seemed very relaxed around us and the older two loved her even though she scrammed both of them, Mason was very scared and we couldnt even get him into the room. So we have decided to wait until Spring when the kittens will appear (is it just me but I just presumed that female cats were like us ladies and got pregnant all year round, apparantly not!!!) as we think a smaller cat would suit him!! Steve came up with idea of preparing him for one, so last night Steve put two toy cats by the side of Masons bed with a saucer and some small lego bits which are food and he has to feed them every night and morning bless him!!
I have Louie at home poorly today, so not really getting much done.
Have you visited Lulu Carter blog, she has fab taste, she recommended a website , you have to register but you can then drool over the most gorgeous houses!!! My faves are Natalie Robinson's beautiful home, Amanda Knox who owns Decorative Country Living and Amanda Meade who owns English Country living!
Warning - it means you will have to spend even longer on the internet now!
Claire xxx

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Awards Galore!!

Firstly I have to thank Emma @

I was one of the lucky winnners of her giveaway, as you can see i ripped open the bag! What a gorgeous selection of fabric, every colour you could think of! When I eventually set up my sewing machine I will have great fun rummaging through them all! Thankyou Emma
I have been awarded four awards, thankyou so ladies, I'm always amazed to find you have left comments nevermind awards :)
So a huge thankyou too

Time For A Walk

Saturday was a lovely sunny but cold day, so we wrapped up, jumped in the car and drove not too far from us, to the Wenallt, which are ancient woodlands!

Steve gave the boys challenges, this was to see who could get to the top first!

Another challenge was who could bring the biggest stick! in 30 seconds to him, this is Max getting confused with a branch!!

Louie was in his element! Swinging like a monkey none stop!

Next we went to Caerphilly mountain, it seperates Cardiff and Caerphilly, it's seperated by a road in the middle making it easier for moi to get around!!

You can just see the older three running up the top, I'm as usual trailing behing like billy no mates.

Some views form the top!

You can make out little pockets of villages, which are known as the Valleys!

Thankyou for sharing our walk!! Claire xx

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I Heart, Hearts Too!

I thought I would show my collection of hearts too, as I noticed a few other blogs showing theirs. Like my fellow heart bloggers its surprising how many I have! This one being my current favourite, I love the colour!! A pressie off hubby for christmas
I sell these

And these
A speical heart from hubby

I also sell these

oh yes and this

A birthday pressie last year off one of my best friends, I love them, the bowl is pink, the measuring spoons are diffrent shades of pink!


Another special pressie of hubby

A gorgeous buy from Cherry Menlove, smells of gorgeous lavender

Yes I sell this too!

I just want to say a special thankyou to all the wonderful ladies who commented on my previous post. Every comment meant a lot to me...thankyou.
Claire xx

Monday, 12 January 2009

Happy Birthday Mum

Today would of been my beautiful mums birthday. Its hard to describe the loss of your mum and although it will have been nine years this year that she died, it doesnt get easier, in fact in some ways its harder as I cannot share with her the wonderful times that I have with the boys!
The above picture is my favourite of her and my dad.
Claire xx

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Do you remember Her?

Now do you remember this little angle I had on my christmas tree??
Well meet her sister below (have no idea why some pics on here are sideways..sorry)
Yes its meeee!! Taken many moons ago with my aunty, I think my mum was trying to get me to compete with fairy on top of the tree, thats one hell of a tutu she's wearing!! Lol!! Now am I looking happy in the pic or arrghhh get this thing off me, I cant decide!!

So now some belated pics of my christmas pressies, no words just pics!!

Ok a few words, this is Fredrick ( yes i've named him) he's a doorstop and is he so cute!!

Most frustating having to look sideways at pictures, they are straight on my photo file!!
Everything is getting back to normal here, boys went back to school yesterday amd I think they were glad as we had such a quiet christmas due to the flu bug!!
I'm looking for a job, talk about bad timing though, although I have my little business it doesnt draw a huge wage (YET!)so needs must, but havent I picked an awful time to start looking! I've now stopped watching the news and reading a daily paper as its all so depressing. I'm surrounding myself with gorgeous housey magazines and great films instead!!
Take care.....Claire xx

Friday, 2 January 2009


I sincerely hope that all you lovely ladies have the best 2009, may it bring you lots of love and luck!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and partied the night away on New Years Eve, we in the Serendipity household did the complete opposite as all of us...yes all of us were ill. The boys and hubby were ill over christmas and theres me thinking I got away with it but oh no, day before New Years Eve, I too succumbed and headed to my bed!! I wont bore you with the gories but it wasnt one of our better Christmas's I can tell you. We all did recieve fab pressies from Father Christmas which more than made up for us poorlies!! Anyhow were all getting over it ready to start the New Year.
I will do another blog about my lovely pressies I recieved but havent taken any pics of them yet, however, thanks to my wonderful dad I'm now the proud owner of one said CK Roberts radio, now before you all think 'wow how cool is Claire's dad, he's so hip to know who Cath Kidston is' very generously gave myself and Steve money which we split and I knew exactly what I wanted. Now I definalty wasnt planning on getting the CK version as they are £50 more than the plain ones (I love CK but how can you justify that extra money???) so we popped to a shop that I knew sold Roberts radios and had seen online that the plain ones were reduced so was more than happy to have one of those. So you can imagine my delight when I'm umming and arghing between a pink or cream one when hubby says to me that there is a floral one as well, I dismissed it straight away saying it was too expensive and he says no its not 'look' well I had to stop myself from screaming as it had £85 off it......can you believe it, it was cheaper than the others. I could have tap danced there and then!! Know I dont know why it was reduced that much but believe me I didn't hang around to find out if it was a mistake. I checked on CK's website and their still selling for the full price! So a huuuge big thankyou to my gorgeous dad, of course he doesn't think its a bargain and thinks I'm completely barmy to have bought it!!
Here she is looking splendid on my kitchen shelf! She just make sthe kitchen look so more homely and cosy dont you think? I know....I'm

Now Clairey (Nothing Will Go Wrong) the below pics are for you. Clairey absolutely loves Flower Faires and my aunty sent me this beauftiful card that I told Clairey I would post a pic of, it really is beautiful and the gold inside is so sparkly. Pop over to Clairey's blog if you havent before, she has gorgeous taste and is very very funny plus for some reason we always get rude but funny sounding word verifications when we leave each other a message!!!!

I will be back soon with some pressies pics, if I ever get round to taking some!!
Take care .......Claire xx


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