Wednesday, 22 October 2008

This award isnt for me, its for a couple of ladies who have inspired me to be vintage and great. I love their blogs and style, so ladies this is for you

Sairer - Vintage Pretty Shabby
Julia - Vintage Heaven
Mel- Mel Mel
Hen - Hen House

I know this award has been around before but I've spent ages looking for new ones and dont know where to get them from so if any of you ladies know please let me know..ta....Claire x

Just a couple more housey pics!

I've been a bit quiet on the house front lately so thought I'd show a few snapshots. Here is Miss Computers new home although she hasnt moved in quite yet as we needed a new thingamijig to access the portable broadband, I'm sure she will be very happy living there!
This is in the living room, there is another shelf on the other side of the light, now I just have to decide what to put on them, months of living without my bits and bobs has got me very

this piccie was meant to be further down with the other light piccies, this for now is in the hall way but will eventually go into the downstairs cloakroom as I'm looking for new light for the hall, the hall hasnt been touched yet apart from removing the old wallpaper!

My favourite picture, it was one of my purchases from Laura Ashley when I worked there and its taken pride of place in my last 3 homes! You can just see mrs computer on the right currently balancing on a chest of drawers.

This light is in the family room, I'm going for a New England stlyle and thought this fitted perfectly, there is another light by the window but I've yet to find a fixture to comliment this!

This is in the front room, we just wallpapered the two walls either side of the chimney breast using Erin from LA (again) I have one of these lights again either side of the chimney breast and one on the oppposite wall (in earlier pic) they are from BHS and are supposed to have droplets on the top leafs but I thought it would look OTT so put the remianing ones on the light in the pic below!

Again this was a purchase from working at LA, it just had little glass flowers so the droplets went perfect.
Did anyone happen to see Kerry Katona on This Morning today? Talk about car crash TV, what was she on? She hasnt done herself any favours whatsover....silly girl! Is she trying to do a Britney?
Glorious sunshine here today, my boys are getting excited for tomorrows Halloween disco at school, I'm helping out both with decorating the hall and at the disco so it will be a busy day tomorrow. They also have a inset day this Fri before half term next week and the following Mon is also another inset day. Are your kiddies off next week? I know England and Scotland tend to have diffrent times to Wales.
Claire x

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Jamies Pass It On

I love Jamie Oliver, his heart is so in the right place when it comes to cooking, I love he is so passionate about what he does and really gives it his all. I would love to have him and Jools as! They are a fab couple!

I love creme freche so here are two very quick recipes using it!

Creme Freche Pasta

Pasta - I use penne or bow pasta

tub of creme freche ( I buy the largest pot and use half )

1 onion

1 courgette

ham or bacon

Whilst pasta is boiling, fry onions, courgette and ham or bacon, then add creme freche to these once pasta is ready then add mixture to the pasta, mix and heat it up and serve straight away...yummy!!

Beef Strogannof

This is my quick version as there are quite a few things you can add to it!

Frying steak

1 or 2 onions

mushrooms ( I tend to use about 8 )

creme freche

fry steak, then onions and finally mushrooms then add creme freche and serve with rice or jacket potato, myself and hubby prefer it served with a jacket, the combination is sooo yummy!

How quick is that recipie....if I can do it it must be fool proof....honest!

You can of course add lots of different veggies to each recipie.
Josie-Mary and Mel Mel have also posted a recipie, so why not pass it on
Claire xx

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Cheers Emma!

How nice of Emma Bridgewater to think of me when designing this new've showed it to hubby, so maybe it will appear in my christmas stocking!! The new CK catalogue popped through my door yesterday so I also told him to pick anything out of there too! Can you believe how quick this year has gone? This time of year is my favourite, I think its something to do with be able to wrap up in woolies and not worry about pasty legs and arms on! Today has made me feel all warm and cosy, the weather here in Cardiff is awful, so I am very grateful that I dont have to go anywhere. My older two are at their dads and my step son is coming tomorrow, so it just me and the little one (who has only just got dressed) as hubby is currently on a golf course playing a 36 hole final, so rather him than me, he text me before he started to say that the other fella is in a green v neck with a white polo top same as him and they have the same golf bag and putter, what must they look like!!
We now have a teenager in the house hold as my step son turned 13 this week, he is such a laid back boy, a real joy to have around and the other boys adore him, although I dont know how cool it is for your 5 year old brother to kiss and hug

a huge big thankyou to Mary (mary poppins ) for my award, if you haven't read her blog pop over right now as its gorgeous!
I'm going to award this to......
everyone who reads my blog, as you all leave such lovely comments so please feel free to award it to your self....thankyou

Claire x


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