Sunday, 7 February 2010

Shouldnt Every Washing Up Liquid Bottle Have An Apron?

Just for fun, how cute is this! I bought a couple for friends for xmas but didn,t tell them what it was for , they had to guess, needless to say they couldn,t!! Anything to make washing up nicer I say!!A bit of modelling
Very fetching
I love my kitchen as you know (excuse the attractive power lead, tumble drier is essential in a household of MALES) but it is a very narrow galley kitchen, where the chair is, is a passing point between myself and whoever else is in kitchen!!!!
This is the dining part, we don't have a dining room as we felt a family room and living room would work better for us and we are casual diners in the entertaining stakes!!
Now I have dilema as I'm fed up of moving the table out and it then being in the way of the kitchen door. We are considering knocking through the wall ................
into the family room next door, now this would immedialty give us space as the kitchen door would be blocked up so the dining table could be turned around to face the other wall plus it could also be moved into the family room if we had a family gathering etc!! I do like the idea of this but at the same time Im wondering about cooknig smells and the washing machine (no space for a utility!
Hubby has suggested some nice bi-fold doors to solve problem!!
What do you all think?
Love this pic of Feb calender from Homes and Antiques,
Spring is just around the corner!!
Claire xxx


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