Monday, 5 April 2010

How Many Times Have You Moved?

(image via Ideal Home website)

Happy Easter everyone, hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend!!

Do you have the urge to keep moving house or are you settled in your current home? Im just curious as I would love to know what you love about your home and why you choose to stay there as moi can't seem to settle. Im not planning on moving from this house (much to hubby's relief) just yet.........yes I know I did say in previous post that this would be our forever home but I seem to get to about two years into a home and get an urge to move again! Why is this I wonder!! This current house we have renovated from top to bottom and we have deorated it to how we want our dream house to be but still I feel that urge again!!
Previous to this house we rented what I actually think might be my forever home but it wasn't for sale, even after two years of not living there I still can't drive past the road without feeling jealous as I want it back!!!! I've heard through the grape-vine that the owners are considering selling it maybe next year which has got me thinking how much I would love to buy it and dream how I could make it look!!
I left my parents to live with my first husband at 21 and since then have moved 7 times, the only house I keep thinking of is the rented one but is it fair to uproot the boys again. We have fantastic neighbours, it is a lovely home in a lovely road so why can't I settle????? Answers on a!!!

Claire xx


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