Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Just a quickie to let you know who's won the Blog Candy/Pay It Forward goodies:
Lucy - Attic 24
Linda - Restyled Home
Clairey - Blogging For Brenda
and the randomly picked ones:
Kathy - My Life and Other Beads
Brenda - Racing Girl
Catherine - Molly Cupcakes
Well done girlies, I'll be in touch soon..................claire xx

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tag, who's next??

I've been tagged by the fab Sairer at Vintage, Pretty and Shabby so whilst I'm in blogging mode I'm doing it right NOW!!!
What Was I Doing 10 years Ago
Hmmm, I was still married to my ex husband, no children (although fell pregnant that year with my oldest) working full time as a beauty consultant for Clinique, I think we had not long moved into the house where it was to be my two older boys home until I got divorced and yes the house needed loads doing to

5 Things On My To Do List
OH Where do i start:
1: Sort out my huuuuge pile of ironing that never seems to get to the end

2: Lose weight (always on my to do list)

3: Update my website - have been very lazy with this

4: Start sorting out each room ready for the move

5: Look at breeders for Dashaunds as we are hoping to get one once we are settled in the new house.

5 Snacks I Enjoy (only 5...see no 2 above)

Chocolate - doesn't help when you have a dad with a newsagents!!

Toast and Marmite (+ cheese makes a fab toastie now and again)

Tortilla Chips or Small Poppadoms (M and S do them) with sour cream and chive dip

Danish Pastries

Used to be Fab Lollys until I discovered Nobbly Bobbly's (fab name or what) -a whole ice lolly covered in hundrends and thousands.

Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionare or is it a Billionare these days.....Millionare would do!!

The off mortgatge
sort out my dad with a place for him
as well as my close family and friends

Rather than donate money to charity I would go to them and ask them what they needed and then I would buy it as I personally believe a lot of the money given gets swallowed up and not given to the correct people but that is just my view. My first choice would be to a kidney charity as mum had two transplants so it enabled us to spend extra years with her.

Set up funds for my children for when they were college or working age.

I think I might have to treat myself to an Aston Martin - any type just love them and of course hubby could have his dream car too.

Own a lifestyle shop selling everthing I love, it would have a deli, icecream parlour, home and garden section, somwhere where I knew all my customers names, a shop mothers and daughters would want to visit, where children could spend their pocket money.........I think I'm daydreaming out

Places I've Lived

Cardiff....thats it, I've moved around there but I love my city and am very happy where I am.

I will TAG the following:

Attic 24

Blogging For Brenda

Racing Girl

Restyled Home

The Vintage Pearl

Friday, 23 May 2008

Jealous Anyone???

Here as promised, if a couple of days late, are the pics of the house as it is. I've realised that I've put them in back to front so the above pic is the bathroom, hopefull in two weeks time it will be transformed.
Below is the kitchen, the first pic is taken from garden end so this part will be where the kitchen units will be, the other pic is taken from the hall end and will be the dining area.

Below are two pics of what will be the family room or should I say, X-box, Wii, music, tv and computer room....hmm its not a huge space so wish me luck!!

The followng three pics are the sitting room at the front of the house, this is where all my little bits and bobs will be, away from prying mucky boys (HA HA thats what you think mum)
At the moment it contains the kitchen and has an immaculate clean floor and a beautiful

The two pics below are of my favourite part of the house, the hall. Now I know the hall is not most peoples choice of the best room in the house but my current home has the most tineist hall ever and I crave space with all the shoes and coats a family of 6 have. I also love the original stained glass window.

You can just see in the below pic a light on top of the post, now you can't really see what it looks like but let me tell you its not the prettiest of lights and we wondered why it was there as it was connected to mains until we discovered there was no main light in the hall, that was it!! It has now been disconnected and a ceiling light put in.

And finally for today a glimpse at the outside of my forever home.
My next post will show pics of bedrooms and the garden.

Monday, 19 May 2008


I did promise to blog about the new house tonight but I've just looked for some pics and they are all too dark, so I will take some more tomorrow .....basically the house looks like a building site, its currently being rewired so all the walls have been chased and with it being a 1930's house its that awful black dust that has covered every inch of the house.....the new kitchen is currently residing in the front living room, the new bathroom laid in the boys room.. stripped bare walls waiting to be plastered, the floor in the old part of the kitchen hastobelevelled with the newer part as it has dropped. The only new thing to be put in is a new toilet in the downstairs cloakroom! I realise blogging about this without photos is boring so I will pop some on tomorrow so you can see it in all its taking longer than we thought so it looks like we will be moving in around July.......more tomorrow.....claire

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Two Very Big Thankyou's

Hi to all you lovely ladies, I haven't blogged in ages but I've been dipping in and out of your blogs to leave comments but thought it was about time I got my self back on track. I have lots to tell so todays blog will be about my wonderful blog candy and pay it forward goodies I've recieved and tomorrow I will tell all about how the house is coming along and what has been happening here.
The above piccie is my wonderful blog candy that I recieved from the fab Natalie (Summer By The Sea), it was beautifully wrapped in dotty cellophane and contained a gorgeous fabric heart(Natalie if you do sell these I bet you sell soooo many), 3 very edibile looking decorative strawberries, a lovely fabric covered tissue holder, a little crochet set, postcard and some devine yummy chocolates which I believe are made locally where Natalie lives, so a huuuuge big thankyou to her for being so generous.
The above piccie is from my second award from equally fab Dominique ( Shabby Chic) for the Pay It Forward Challenge, again it was beautifull wrapped and contained a perfect pressie for my new house, a retro style 'home sweet home' plaque which I love, Green and Black's dark choccie with orange and spices and the most beautiful card of a fairy with a material skirt on, Dominique makes these cards and they are definatly worth a purchase!! Again thankyou soooo much.
Thankyou sooo much ladies for the perfect goodies you were both so very generous, by the way I suppose you have all noticed that the chocs I metioned in both pics are not to be seen...yes you guessed it, both didn't last long enough before the pics were taken, both so very yummy!!
So now it is my turn, so ladies for the blog candy award which ever three ladies leave me a comment first will be chosen for that award and for the pay it forward challenge I will randomly pick three ladies from the rest of you, all of you chosen can than if you decide to follow it on to three other lovely bloggers.......sooo good luck!!! I will pick the winners on Wed 28th May.
Tomorrow I will tell you all about the house and show you some piccies, not that you will be ooooing and arrring as it's still in building site mode........Claire xxx


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