Saturday, 23 August 2008

A Quick Hello

Hi everyone, just a quick hello, the move was horrendus due to really bad weather and it took two whole days........boy was I traumatised. No piccies yet as still very unorganisesd due to kiddes on hols! I'm so happy here though and feel very at
I'm sooooo excited as tonight I'm off to see Madonna...yipee.....she is opening her tour right here in Cardiff, its Madonna crazy here! Up until yesterday afternoon I wasnt going, when it was announced that she was coming, myself and hubby both said we would go as my Aunty works in the box office of the CIA (a concert venue) which also sells tickets for major events too and she can get tickets for us, but we never got round to getting tickets then I completely forgot about it.
Yesterday she phoned to say she had 4 FREE tickets for! Hubby doesnt want to go so its strictly a girls night out and we are all so excited, I'm currently listening to Material Girl as I'm typing this. I'll post all about it soon.............Claire x

Thursday, 7 August 2008

See You Soon

Just a short post as this Saturday is the big move. We havent even arranged broadband yet so I have no idea when I will be back on line. I will miss my daily visits to you all. See you all very very soon....I hope.......Claire x


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