Thursday, 24 January 2008

Yaay I have a flickr

I've finally managed to add a flickr, actually it was thanks to my husband who managed to do it in 3 mins when it took me hours and still couldn't do it. I'll add more pics soon...

Sunday, 20 January 2008

The weather in the UK has been dreadful, for the last 5 days it has rained continually, it's been that horriable fine drizzly rain and it's been very windy with it. Please can we have some dry weather, I don't care if it's cold, my poor children are like caged animals. Any one who has children, particulary boys will understand this. I have said in the past mainly about my middle son that they are like dogs ( not that I am referring my children to animals) in the fact that they need to be exercised outside at least once a day. If they have been out for fresh air and have had a kick around with the football, bounced on the trampoline or ridden their bikes or scooters they are like angels, when they are cooped up for days on end in the house, they argue and act like stroppy teenagers even though they are all far off becoming one!! Fingers crossed this weeks weather will be so much nicer.
I thought being as I'm new to this that I would share some of my favourite things with you so you get to know a bit more about me. I'm going to do Top 5 of diffrent places, music etc.
Top 5 Favourite Places
New York ( obvious )
Cardiff ( where I live, will post some pics of it when I eventually take some photos, it's a really cosmopolitan city, everything you can think of is here, great musuems, historic buildings, great shopping, fantastic waterfront, Millenium Stadium which holds around 76,000 people and is used for Rugby and Football games and is a fantastic music venue, this is where I saw Take That. Millenium Centre this is a fairly new amazing looking building which looks a bit like an Armadillo, it's a concert venue covering musicals, plays, operas etc. Fab selection of restaraunts, bars and cafes, the list goes on and on....
Italy ( anywhere will do )
Cotswolds ( it only takes around an hour and a half from Cardiff to visit some of the most beautiful villages in the UK)
Tenby ( this is a small sweet seaside town in Pembrokshire, Wales, it has gorgeous beaches, a lovely harbour where the houses and buildings are painted in ice cream colours, lots for children to do around the area and some lovely shops, myself and hubbie think we might end up living here once the boys are grown up ).

Top 5 Movies
The Holiday
Father of the Bride ( 1 and 2, counts as one to me )
Somethings Gotta Give
Braveheart ( not a chick flick at all but makes me bawl every time, especially at the end!! )

Top 5 Artists/Bands ( these change quite a bit but this is what I'm listening to at momement.
Take That ( always have been, always will be, how gorgeous are all four of them now)
Newton Faulkner
Gwen Stefani
I have very eclectic music taste!!!

Top 5 Home Essentials ( apart from family)
Emma Bridgewater pottery

Top 5 Bath and Beauty Essentials ( hard to add just 5 )
Lip gloss
Body scrub ( both from
Shower gel ( soap and glory range, I just love it ).

Thats all i can think of for now plus I don't want you all falling asleep.....

Sunday, 13 January 2008

My favourite city

I wonder if you can guess which city I'm talking about? Why New York of course. I knew before I even visited that I would fall madly in love with the place. I can't quite put my finger on why I do but there is some so very magical about it. Myself and hubbie went last June, it was his first time there and he to has fallen in love with it. Being parents of four boys we don't get that much time to ourselves so we made the most of our four days together and went everywhere. One of our favourite places was the zoo in Central Park. of course all we kept saying to each other was how much the boys would love it here. We have a mad plan when he turns 40 in two years to bring the four of them with us, that will make our youngest 7, so flying with them won't seem so bad ( I'm a really bad traveller ) . This pic is one of my favourite's I mean where else would you see Spiderman waiting to cross the road!!!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Happy Birthday

Today would of been my beautiful mums birthday, it's been nearly 8 years since she became a shining star in the sky ( thats what I've told my boys). She was the most inspiring mum who touched everyone when they met her, she battled serious illness from most of my childhood until I had my first child but I never once heard her complain and she lived life to the full.
Happy Birthday mummy, I miss you like it was yesterday xxx

Thursday, 10 January 2008


I discovered blogging ( only years after everyone else ) by accidently finding myself in a fab girls website, her name is Cherry and as a lot of you know has a blog Tales From Pixie Wood and also a fabulous forum that I just love popping in and out of leaving my thoughts and comments. From this we have been discussing our word for 2008 and mine is going to be CONTENMENT, I've finally discovered after years of searching for things to make me happier, I am content, I'm surrounded by my beautiful boys and gorgeous husband and that is all that really matters, hopefully I will continue to feel like it.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Welcome to my life!!

I've finally entered the world of blogging. It's only been about a month since I've discovered all of this and I'm hooked already.
It's so nice to know there are a lot of women out there who are as passionate and as crazy as me about homelife and homestyle. I have no idea yet as to how I'm supposed to add pictures etc, so my site will look pretty boring to everyone else's but I'm sure I'll soon pick it up.


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