Thursday, 29 January 2009

Look What Came Through The Letterbox

I love the new format!

Gorgeous new china

My bargain radio

There are also a few tutorials

I did notice that on the front cover there a price of £1.50, i suppose people who sign up for one will get it free and they will be for sale in the shops!
Lots of gorgeous new goodies, I love the new messenger bags and the cagoules in a bag too!!
I suppose your wondering who our potential new family member could be, you might of remembered me mentioning about getting a dog but we decided against it for the moment and chose to go for a cat instead, Mason our youngest is a very timid little boy and we hope that by having a cat it would help him, so we contacted our local RSPCA as we had seen some of their cats on the web. On tuesday a gorgeous cat was brought to see us, she was beautiful to look at but much bigger than we thought she would be, she seemed very relaxed around us and the older two loved her even though she scrammed both of them, Mason was very scared and we couldnt even get him into the room. So we have decided to wait until Spring when the kittens will appear (is it just me but I just presumed that female cats were like us ladies and got pregnant all year round, apparantly not!!!) as we think a smaller cat would suit him!! Steve came up with idea of preparing him for one, so last night Steve put two toy cats by the side of Masons bed with a saucer and some small lego bits which are food and he has to feed them every night and morning bless him!!
I have Louie at home poorly today, so not really getting much done.
Have you visited Lulu Carter blog, she has fab taste, she recommended a website , you have to register but you can then drool over the most gorgeous houses!!! My faves are Natalie Robinson's beautiful home, Amanda Knox who owns Decorative Country Living and Amanda Meade who owns English Country living!
Warning - it means you will have to spend even longer on the internet now!
Claire xxx


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh clare carter is great isnt she? i have a list of location agencies in my favourites now and spend aaaaaaaagggggggggggggessssssssss browsing - if you want any more let me know!!! the kitten sounds a good idea - mia is terrified of cats and dogs so i had thought about getting a kitten to try and help the issue so keep us updated about how you get on !!! hey guess what? ive crocheted my first flower today ! its a bit wonky but its a definate flower i am so pleased with myself LOL same as you i was feeling a bit left out as everyone seems able to turn their hand to anything so thought i would give it a go and caught on quite quickly so off to buy more wool!!!! Lesley x

LissyLou said...

oooh i can't wait to get mine through the post.

I thought cats had babies all year round too, good bit of knowledge for the day!!

I'll check out that website, i love having a nosey round peoples houses. x

thriftymrs said...

We were talking to the manager in the shop of CK and she said people on the database get the CK mag free and everyone else has to pay. I have the pretty floral jug and I'm going to send Mr Thrifty off to buy me the butter dish on the way home from work.
The cat sounds like a great idea.

That website is terrific.

MelMel said...

Yippee....mine must be coming soon!
I'm on the database!
Looks fab!

MelMel said...

IU just LOVE the film so much...that house sings to my heart!xx

mollycupcakes said...

Get well soon little Louie, both my cupcakes are sickie too. There is still so many bugs about, isn't there honey.
We're off to the quacks later, enough is enough. so many sleepless nights for them and us, it's taking it's toll now.
Coughs and sticky eyes in our house. Lots of eye drops, calpol and night time cough meds. It's just no fun, poor little ones. I hope Louie is better very soon.
Good luck with the kitten too, awww bless your Mason. He sounds just lovey.
Gorgeous Cath Kidston things again, I'm so glad i kept most of my vouchers Yeay! i must get some of those dinner plates owww so pretty.
Thanks for the other website, I'll be popping on there.
Many hugs,
Catherine x
Ps: did you say you'd posted me something honey? I've been looking out for it, i love suprises. Sweet girl you x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

prepare to lose hours of your life :-) cant find your email address sorry! but you can just cut and paste these into your browser, Lesley x

manon said...

belle ballade sur ton blog!!!
I love NYC also


Clairey said...

Our RSPCA have dozens of kittens at the moment!

Ooooh can't wait for you to get a furry baby!!

Clairey xx

Shabby Chick said...

Hiya Claire, thanks for the lovely comment, you should definitely give the bunting a go. Honestly, it's easy, if I can do it anyone can!!!

Mel xxx

Rosesposes said...

Cant wait for my ck mag to drool over. I will be all excited when opening it. Its all so lovely .
xx hope you are feeling better

MaryPoppins said...

Thanks for the heads up on the magazine, though when I saw yours thought why is mine not here :)Drool Drool

I am not surprised you love your kitchen, it is adorable and good Luck for my Giveaway

I spend far too long on here as it is, though a little sneaky peek should be alright don't you think :)


lou said...

I hope Louie is a bit better now!

I am going to blame you when I have a look at all those lovely things!
I want, I want, I want; it will be Like Christmas all over again!

Good luck with the cat…love Lou xxx

cammyk said...

I want, I want, I want it all!! I hope your Louie is feeling better.
Have a lovely weekend.

MaryPoppins said...

Ck magazine has come, though I havent even taken it out of its cellophane, i am waiting to have a nice child free few moments and relish each and every page :)


Blueberry Heart said...

hi there, thanks for stopping by at my blog and for your lovely comments! I have avoided the CK brochure for fear of temptation but it's gonna be my next stop off to get an order in for one! Isn't that what overdafts are for? emergency pretties??!
BH x

Blueberry Heart said...

Hi again,

I hope you dont mind, I have tagged you!! - I received my first tag today and am passing it on to those that I have enjoyed in the months before starting up my own blog!

All you have to do is post the 4th picture from your 4th file and pass the tag on to 4 others.


MelMel said...

Hi hun....its snowing again!
we went out and played in it...bbrrrrr.....thank good ness for my CK wellies!

Just made something else, while my little charged was gluing i played too!xx

Carol said...

Thank you for the awards, I have been on holiday, sorry, I feel a bit guilty going away, but it was wonderful.
I hope he is a good boy and looks after his cats! what are they called?
I would love a cat too, but I am not allowed to with three dogs! I love English Blues.
Enjoy all that lovely snow...we are.
Carol xxx


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