Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Who's in Your Black Book?

Ladies, I thought I'd share my fave men with you, you know the ones you talk about with your hubbie/partner that you would love to go out with but no in a million years it would never you remenber Ross had THE LIST in Friends and I think thats where it all started. Well apart from my gorgeous hubbie, top of my list is the man above, Jamie Redknapp, I think he soooo gorgeous, I have liked him for so long and at one point when my older two were a lot smaller they used to think he was my boyfriend ( I wish) as I used to have a little pic of him on the fridge, even hubby lets me know when he is on TV. Years ago he did a modelling campaign for Top Man and every morning on my way to work I would pass a huge pic of him in the shop window....boy did he used to wake me up. I love the fact he is happily married STILL to the equally gorgeous Louise, they make such a beautiful couple and I almost feel guilty for lusting after he is currently on the cover of Hello magazine this week!!!
No 2 is Adam Levine from Maroon 5, just moody, yummy and very sexy!
No 3 is John Travolta, now dont laugh, it goes back to when I was 6 and had just seen Grease for the very first time, he was definatly my first crush.
No 4 is Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics, Welsh and gorgeous and I love the gap in his teeth
and finally No 5 is Mike Phillips who is a Welsh rugby player, dark and brooding!
Well looking at that list there is definatly a connection infact they could all be brothers as they are all very dark and I must admit I do like heavy not Mr Bean is dark too. Its funny how I've never really gone for blonde men although having seen the campaign David Beckham did for Armani recently he could definatly push one of my top 5 share with us your top 5...........Claire

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Awards and Thankyou's

Yesterday I recieved this lovley award from Carol @ Katherines Dreams, I've only found her blog recently but it is beautiful and funny and creative.....definatly check it out, thankyou so much Carol for the award. I have to pass it on to seven other lovely ladies, so I pass it on to the following:

Sara @ All About Eden -

Lucy @ Attic 24-

Clairey @ - Blogging for Brenda

Mary (not sure if this is your real name.....sorry) @ Mary Poppins - a very new blog but I'm loving all your post so far

Kathy @ My Life and Other Beads

Cherry @ Cherry Menlove

Sue @ Vintage to Victorian

I have to say a big thankyou to Sara @ All About Eden, who sent me a lovely package a couple of weeks ago........apologises as I havent taken pics but everything is being packed up ready for the house move in two weeks......HELP!!! It was beautifully wrapped and contained a gorgeous little house handmade my Sara which will be proudly displayed in my new kitchen, a wall hanging which was scented and decorated with a heart, a cute cookie cutter, a lola plaster (from charlie and lola), cant wait to cut my finger so I can wear and a postcard of a gorgoeous camper van which I want to own........thankyou so much.
Well we are about to move house in two weeks so my blog will be a bit quiet but I will not be able to resist popping onto all of your lovely blogs and leaving my little comments so I will still be around.
I'm glad lots of you love The Gilmore Girls (see post below)!!! ..........Claire xx

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I want to live here!

Now if you are wondering about this gorgeous named place, this is the setting for one of my favourite tv show's , The Gilmore Girls. Its been off air for quite a bit as it has now finished but good old E4 have started re-runs of it, every morning (except weekends). So for the last two weeks I've been taking the boys to school, making a mad dash home, washing and tidying before 9.50 so I can sit down for an hour and lose myself in this fab programme. It's about a mum (Lorilei) and her teenage daughter ( also Lorilei but known as Rori, ) and their lives, not much really happens but I soooo want to be Lorelia's best friend. The setting is gorgeous, the people in it you want to befriend, if you havemy seen it try and catch it, I promise you, you will love it!!
Below are some pics of the main scenery.
Luke's is the sort of coffee shop you want to spend time in drinking lots of hot chocolate and the fact that Luke is yummy helps.

This is Lorilei's house, yes I know you want to be her best friend

This is the band stand in the centre of the town, its the sort of place I could definatly live in, no I don't mean the bandstand!! Saying that I also want to live in Charlie and Lola's world and Postman Pats..........know what does that say about dreamer. weirdo......or just somewhere safe to raise my boys :) :) :).........Claire xx

Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy Independance Day

Happy July 4th to all USA bloggers. My eldest boys year at school are celebrating with you today! They are having an America day, they were allowed to come in their sports wear....I did try and pursuade him to wear his Florida Seminoles American Football Top so he would look the part but I couldn't persuade him, he's in his usual footie top and shorts combo....(I had visions of my boys whilst they were little of dressing them in Boden, Gap etc but alas football tops play a huge part in his wardrobe, the younger two aren't so They are having Amercian food and playing American sports so he was really looking forward to today. Hope you all enjoy your celebrations!
Now my ladies who won my will be pleased to know that I've started rolling them out, the first two have been sent out ( I've done them in the order of winners) and the rest will follow next week!! Sorry ladies!
Below are a few sneaky peaks of the kitchen, its finally been installed by a fantastic kitchen fitter, he worked solidly for three days, he was excellant.
We still have walls to plaster, fit tongue and groove around bottom half (like bathroom), add open shelving on the one side of kitchen......I love Julia's shelving above her cooker in her fab kitchen, I would love that style of shelving but am struggling to find anything local thats similar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This week I recieved a goregous package from Sara @ all about eden, I havent had a chance to take a piccie yet so I will show it in next post.........thankyou Sara.
Hope you all have a fab weekend..........Claire xx


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