Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Wishes

Thought I would show you my Christmas tree in the garden, isnt it beautiful, you can also see the neighbours just popped over for a little skating. It took forever to decorate, hubby is still up the top somewhere trying to fix the star into place....lol.....well of course I had to put a pic of my favourite place as my last post before Christmas....yippeeee!

To all you wondeful bloggers, I wish you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Relax, eat and be merry. Looking forward to hearing and sharing your tales over the festive season.

Claire xx

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas Goodies and Christmas Yummies

The Christmas goodies are my Christmas swap and decorations and tree. The Christmas Yummies are 'TAKE THAT'.......seriously YUMMY, I'm currently watching them on ITV, oh I love them so....sigh.....Ladies I really don't think I could say no to any of them if they offered...lol! I'm suddenly transported back to being 16 and soooo in love!! Lesely I'm sure you will agree!! So please excuse me if none of this makes sence as trying to blog whilst control myself wanting to scream isn't a good combination!!
Now below is a piccie of my Christmas swap goodies I recieved from the wonderful Hanri at The Linen Cupboard, now it was wrapped in beautiful white and silver snowflake tissue paper but as my younger two were sooooo excited about opening it, I didnt get a chance to take a piccie of it! As you can see from the piccie, I was spoiled, the gifts were perfect! My swap contained a beatiful cushion (close up in pic below) which I believe Hanri made, emroided in the top left hand corner were a heart and NY, perfect!! Then a perfect mug, just right for hot chocolate, it has been used twice since I've recieved it along with the most yummy chocolate mint swizzle sticks that you stir around your hot chocolate or coffee, they sre from M and S and I will definatly be going to buy some more, they of course went perfect with the cookie mix, which as you can guess were delicous, apoligise as there are no pics of them, but they smelt and tasted wonderful! Also included were a pack of pretty tissues, why you must be wondering, well Hanri had cleverly explained in her christmas card, that the cushion was to snuggle up with whilst watching a movie, whilst drinking hot choc or coffee and eating cookies and of course if its a sad movie thats where the tissues came in! Wonderful, thankyou Hanri, it was a pleasure to open everything and indulge....thankyou.

Below is a piccie of Hanri's pressie which I do hope she enjoys as much as I did, hers!!

Today we put up our decorations and tree's. Dont you just love the mistletoe?? Its from the Tales from Pixieland ( Elfie and Me), the boys keep standing underneath it and calling me then running away when I try to kiss them, bless! Now is wish Take That would stand under there!!

This is the boys tree, every year they choose a decoration each and have free reign to decorate it, honeslty I havent touched it apart from the star at the top as none of them could reach! Do you also notice my new French doors in the back ground...I love them, the decking was also finished to day, hubby keeps saying about having Christmas dinner on there, I'm begining to think he is serious...help!

I also have a little tree each year, to put my pretty things on, although looking at this pic it loks quite bare but it doesnt in real life!!!

I have to show the most adorable little decoration plus her friends, she is from Hansel and Gretal in Bath and I bought her last Friday, she is jus the most cutest thing ever.

This is her sister, who I got last year, I've decided to buy one every year, she seems a bit shy as her head is bowed.

I think this is their cheeky cousin who's got a mishivious look about her!!

I'm off now to rewind Take That and watch them again, bye for now.......Claire xx


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