Friday, 20 June 2008

One to go!!!

At last one room finished! Well kind only thing left to do is paint the toungue and groove and walls above and add our bits and bobs and it will definatly be finished. The above pic is of the tiles before they had been grouted, they are my favourite thing of the bathroom, simple and clean looking.

The toungue and groove is actually MDF boards which are brilliant, I definatly recommend them, when I mentioned to my plumber about them he pulled a face until he saw it as he thought he would have to nail every individual board together, he said he's now told every one about them!! We are going to use it in the kitchen as well!! They will be painted white much to my dads dissapointment as he said he liked them unfinnished....bless!!
The flooring is a special laminate for bathroms called Aqualoc, as you can imagine being surrounded by messy males we needed to go for something waterproof....let you know how we get on with it!

I love the bath, its a roll top with a diffrence, both me and hubby love them but again with children they are not pratical so the one end of the bath is a roll top and the other end is an ordianary fixed to the wall end!! It has a lip which comes out about three quarters of the way up the tile side and is sealed normally so hopefully it will save lots of water going onto the floor!!

Ive realised that I've put the same pic on, I'll post a few more next post!! The loo now has a seat on it, we have a shower screen and the shower has been fixes up!! I'm planning painting the walls above the tongue and groove a pale grey, just waiting on the plaster to dry out. I'm hoping it will look very French looking when its all done......apart from the odd rubber duck and usual bath toys thrown in!!!
Now just a quick apology to all my girlies who won the blog candy awards, as well as the house taking over everything in our lives we've also just got through a mad 42 days, firstly it was my birthday followed by a trip to Butlins for Max's football tournement, then it was his 9th birthday, then hubby's birthday and our wedding anniversary on the same day, quickly followed by Louie's 7th birthday and a trip to watch Monster Jam for his birthday followed closley by Fathers Day and ending Tuesday just gone with Mason's 5th birthday, his party is in the 29th!! Phew..... how mad are we with all our birthdays, my head has been spinning thinking of presents and parties and how on earth do we afford it We now have a break until October when its my stepsons 13th!! So ladies a huge sorry if you've been waiting for Mr Posty but over the next couple of weeks I will be rolling them out........Claire xxx


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