Friday, 29 January 2010

Busy Busy!

We've been busy in the Serendipity household making lots of plans and finishing off jobs (I say we I mean hubby has been finishing them off :) ) Our living room we had more or less finished but the family room had got me stumped, normally I can imagine how a room will look and sometimes all it will take is cushion or lamp etc and I can plan the room around it! Finally it kind of came together. The room was painted in Farrow and Ball's clunch when we first moved in, a colour I love but the whole room looked too cream and white so one wall was painted in Laura Ashley Duck Egg blue and I found curtains in a similar colour, added a few more pics including the one you can just see by the lamp, its actually a sheet of wrapping paper I got from Baileys, its a vintage style print of Manhatten and bought a frame from Ikea and it looks fab as I've seen some for silly prices!!!! Can you see Doctors on the of my must see programmes, I love it!!!!The beginning of our gallery, the life is good sign was a xmas pressie from friend, the self portraits of the boys which I love and another map which I gave to hubby for xmas, he was born in London so its a map of where he was born amd lived, again I did it myself!!
Daisy taking a comfortable pew, this side of the room still needs to tweaked!
Just a few more house pics!
Yes...hello again!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm now a consultant for Jamie At Home (Jamie Oliver's co) and I thought I'd show you pics my kit. I held an open afternoon last Sunday for previous hosts and friends who had, had a party or bought from me!
As you can see the products are LUSH, I love them!!!
This is my 3rd kit, it changes every four months and just gets better and better! The terracotta range is beautiful!!
Gorgeous retro style mixing bowls, these also come in three bigger sizes.
Anti pasti platter, Jamie's baby.......he designed this for the range and is perfect for entertaining and as a shelf for extra space!
Thanda heart trivet, this is a huge seller, perfect for a Valentines gift!!
The very popular flip top jars, the top two look a bit wierd, think the fairy lights have made them look wavy!! As you can see, gorgeous colours and the sizes all come in the various colours so you can mix and match!
Beautiful terracotta, imagine a yummy pizza baking on the plate and tapas in the bowls....yum!
Great tea-towels, lots to choose from!
Ice cream colour table cloths, this is one from my older kit the current one is the pink in the other piccies!
These were goodies that my guests could win!!!
Hope you didn't mind me showing the range, I love it so much and know that you would too!
If you haven't yet, find your local consultant and book a party, they are great fun and Jamie comes too via DVD!!!

Next week we are having the hall and landind decorated so hopefully there will be more pics to follow, again I couldnt decided on what style and colour but one wallpaper that kept coming back to me was Laura Ashley's Lloyd, Im thinking its classic so will last for a few years without it looking out of fashion!!!! We have a dado with plain white above so it will break it up!!! I can't wait to see it finished!!

Claire xx

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Last As Usual

Better late than never, here are some snowy pics from Cardiff, although its currently raining and snow is all but a distant memory!

No.1 son resided inside the whole time the snow was with us, not a fan at all bless him!! These two love it!!

Can you see me? Am I hidden???
For some reason Daisy (or as she is know, Miss Daisy, Daisy Pickin or the boys current fave Daisy Rascal) loved the snow, I don't know of any other cat who wanted to roll around it but hey whatever floats your boat kitty kat!!
We have had Daisy for nearly a year and she is the most sweet natured cat, the boys adore her. As soon as they come in from school the first thing they ask is 'where's Daisy' and constantly fught over who's bed she can sleep on.

If she has been out in the rain she waits by the cupboard I keep the towels in to be dried, most days she goes out for a play with next doors cat in the morning, sleeps on Louie's bed in the afternoon and will not let myself or Steve read in bed, she will push her head under the book or magazine you are reading and plonk herself in front it so you have no option but to put it down! Now what did I say about her not being aloud in the bedrooms especially at night......hmmmm!

Last night myself and the boys went with family to see Robin Hood the pantomine in Cardiff, John Barrowman was Robin, it was fantastic, I giggled all the way through it as you can imagine there were lots of inuendo's from him. I loved watching the boys shouting " he's behind you, oh no it is isn't and BOOOOO" they really got into it!! Great fun!!

Claire xxx


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