Friday, 2 January 2009


I sincerely hope that all you lovely ladies have the best 2009, may it bring you lots of love and luck!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and partied the night away on New Years Eve, we in the Serendipity household did the complete opposite as all of us...yes all of us were ill. The boys and hubby were ill over christmas and theres me thinking I got away with it but oh no, day before New Years Eve, I too succumbed and headed to my bed!! I wont bore you with the gories but it wasnt one of our better Christmas's I can tell you. We all did recieve fab pressies from Father Christmas which more than made up for us poorlies!! Anyhow were all getting over it ready to start the New Year.
I will do another blog about my lovely pressies I recieved but havent taken any pics of them yet, however, thanks to my wonderful dad I'm now the proud owner of one said CK Roberts radio, now before you all think 'wow how cool is Claire's dad, he's so hip to know who Cath Kidston is' very generously gave myself and Steve money which we split and I knew exactly what I wanted. Now I definalty wasnt planning on getting the CK version as they are £50 more than the plain ones (I love CK but how can you justify that extra money???) so we popped to a shop that I knew sold Roberts radios and had seen online that the plain ones were reduced so was more than happy to have one of those. So you can imagine my delight when I'm umming and arghing between a pink or cream one when hubby says to me that there is a floral one as well, I dismissed it straight away saying it was too expensive and he says no its not 'look' well I had to stop myself from screaming as it had £85 off it......can you believe it, it was cheaper than the others. I could have tap danced there and then!! Know I dont know why it was reduced that much but believe me I didn't hang around to find out if it was a mistake. I checked on CK's website and their still selling for the full price! So a huuuge big thankyou to my gorgeous dad, of course he doesn't think its a bargain and thinks I'm completely barmy to have bought it!!
Here she is looking splendid on my kitchen shelf! She just make sthe kitchen look so more homely and cosy dont you think? I know....I'm

Now Clairey (Nothing Will Go Wrong) the below pics are for you. Clairey absolutely loves Flower Faires and my aunty sent me this beauftiful card that I told Clairey I would post a pic of, it really is beautiful and the gold inside is so sparkly. Pop over to Clairey's blog if you havent before, she has gorgeous taste and is very very funny plus for some reason we always get rude but funny sounding word verifications when we leave each other a message!!!!

I will be back soon with some pressies pics, if I ever get round to taking some!!
Take care .......Claire xx


Shabby Chick said...

Thanks for popping by Claire and for your lovely comments. Sorry to hear you were ill over Christmas and new year, I hope you can start to enjoy all your pressies now you're a bit better. I am so jealous of your CK radio... must have been fate that you should have it with a reduction like that! I bet you wanted to run out of the shop once you'd paid just in case it was a mistake ;)

Hope you have a wonderful 2009, Mel xxx

MelMel said...

I LOVE the radio....oh its a MUST!!
Good for you buying it!

I'm so sad for you going to the trouble for putting a gift in the post that never came.....its so generous to pop another one in....its too kind of you!

Hope your feeling better...?
So many horrid bugs about...not good!

Big (((hug)))
Thank you for saying such a nice thing about me via Jennys blog.....your so kind, wish we lived near each other, a meet up would be fab!xxxx

MelMel said... dumb am i.....your only in york!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think a meet up would be cool......:>)))))))

Clairey said...

Oh honey that card is ADORABLE! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I don't know what you mean about me being very very funny - surely you mean very very serious and sensible!

That radio is seriously gorgeous and what an absolute bargain. She was absolutely made to live on your pretty little shelf.

Please please please show us some pictures!!

I am about to find out what my word verification is and I am excited!!!

Clairey xx

PS I scrolled down and the word verif. is nobcr. Hahahahaha.

lou said...

Hi Claire,I want, I want, I want!!!
That’s all I seem to say at the moment, I really do love the radio, and what a bargain.
Sorry about the paddy I’m sure I will get over it, ENJOY the radio is fab!
Lou x :o)

Rosesposes said...

Hi Claire
Hope your household is feeling better. Its always the way isnt it!. We had our bugs a few weeks ago. But I do remember last christmas day I was ill and had to go to bed .
I love the radio and I love that print its gorgeous. Glad you got it cheaper. I know what you mean sometimes I look at ck things and the price stops me!. But a sale does tempt! Love the card its so pretty , fairys are so lovely

Joanne said...

Hi Claire all i'm going to say is every kitchen should have one, it looks fabulous. Men, Husbands dads just don't realise that iteams like this are a must for us ladies.
Happy New Year.
Joanne. xx

Hen said...

Hello Claire,
Happy New ear to you and all yours. Sorry to hear you were ill, hopefully you've turned the corner by now. V exciting about the Cath K radio, I'd really like one for our bedroom at the cottage but I agree, it's hard to justify the extra dosh for flowers so you did really well.
V exciting about your new sewing machine, can't wait to see what you whizz up! I made a hairband the other day, v easy, with a free pattern on Heather Bailey's website.
Hen x

Amanda said...

Oh I'm so sorry you were so ill - Tim and myself ere ill over the festive period too and however mice you try to make it it stil isn't the same is it? Hope you're feeling much better now - I bet listening to a radio that is a scrummy to look at as listen to is going a long way to improve how you feel ;o) - what a bargain!

Vanilla Press said...

Hi Claire
Thank you for your comment..I really appreciate it.
Sorry to hear you were sick over xmas..
I lurve that CK radio and well done for getting it at a bargain price!Anything CK makes such a difference to a room
Jas X

Vintage Amethyst said...

*Happy New Year*
Oh my goodness how lucky are you, ooohhh I just love it!
Hope you are feeling much better now.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

ooo lucky you getting such a bargain!!! i desperately want the red star one but hubby bought me a red dualit one which i love very very much as well and two radios is overkill ........ or is it....hmmm :-D
going to Trafford Centre tonight so may pop into CK in selfridges - just to look of course.....

oh and if any meet ups planned i am gatecrashing LOL (i thought you lived in Cardiff??) love the TT picture at the side thank you for that :-D
Lesley x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

we should definately arrange a meet up somewhere with shopping in the middle!!! tell hubby garden is great until we have to mow it LOL
(we have a ride on mower now and the kids have to get on for a ride with Daddy so it does entertain them for an hour or so!!)
re cake stand and afternoon tea- fab idea i will have to arrange that although it could be every day not just sundays i reckon! which probably explains my recent weight gain as i have to keep buying little cakes to arrange on it so it looks cute....
Lesley x

Lavender hearts said...


What shop did you get the radio from and do you know if they are still selling them? I have some chrimbo money and would love to get one of those radios.



Vintage Tea said...

Happy New Year Claire,

Sorry to hear that you and your family have been unwell, so much is going around at the moment.

That is one fabulous radio and for such a good price you lucky thing... it was obviously meant to be yours!

Victoria xx

Jenny's fabric days said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog - just about to have a go with some photos - so watch this space!!!

I love NY too - only been once though - my sis in law was cabin crew and I got a freebee trip!! Would love to go back, this time with OH - he is 40 this year, and me next, so maybe a little trip would be in order!!

Love the radio - and also spotted EB polkas - a real fave of mine - actually that is how I met Mel - will tell the story another time...!!

Vintage Tea said...

Thank you for the compliment on my glasses.... still finding it strange to get used to them but I'm sure they'll be normal before i know it!

Victoria xx

prettyshabby said...

ooh girlie..thats not nice having the lurgy for christmas..glad you are all better though, as for that amazing bargain of a gorgeous! I love it! x

thriftymrs said...

What an utter bargain. Great find.
I do hope you're all feeling better. I spent NYE in bed too, I think everyone has had a dose of this vile flu that is doing the rounds.
Happy new year, may 2009 be happy and healthy for you and all of your family.

Carol said...

Love it, that is my favourite design.
I have just started on my second bout of rotten old cold, had it a couple of weeks before christmas and now again!
I am sure you are feeling better but sending my best wishes anyway.
All the very best for 2009.
Love and hugs,
Carol xxx

MelMel said... are lovely to look at!

Silly moo she is.....why do ppl do it!
I can't imagine EVER saying something like that......i think its just bad manners,

I hope you find your comfort zone when your ready....:>)

Big hug...your cool!xxx

LaundryBasketCase said...

Happy New Year to you too!
You lucky lady! what a beautiful radio. I've been eyeing those Roberts radios since I arrived in the UK, I'm after a red one for the kitchen. But I do REALLY love the floral one!
What a great find.

Miss sew n sew said...

Oooh your ck roberts radio is gorgeous I love that pattern, I had a roberts radio for Christmas last year but just a plain baby blue one, one of the best pressies I've ever had I still love mine sooo much! Hope your feeling much better and look forward to seeing your other pressies!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Just seen your comment on MelMel's blog about your experience with that rude lady. Some people are just so tactless!
Anyway, MelMel's right - you have to be a beautiful person on the inside to first be beautiful!
Cheer yourself up and come by my blog - I'm having a FREE FABRIC GIVEAWAY - there's even some Cath Kidston in the mix!

cammyk said...

OMG!!!!!! I am SO envious CK radio! She is just an absolute beauty! Enjoy my friend.


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