Friday, 25 June 2010

Where Does Time Fly!!

6.30 the other morning I was contemplating eating the mars bar that was eyeing me up whilst I was waiting for the kettle to boil. I have recently re-discovered mars bars and think its down to the advert for them with John Barnes in it. As soon as I hear that famous rap, Im transported back to my very first holiday without my parents. My then best friend and myself went to sunny spain, whilst the 1990 world cup was on!! This song was every where and its definatly on my guilty pleasure song list!! Going back to the 6.30 morning, it suddenly dawned on me it was TWENTY bloomin years ago, argh, where did that go!!! When you are younger and you always get told by the older generation that you still feel 18 and everything feels like yesterday, it is so very true.
As you can imagine, living in a household of males , its world cup fever here!! Hubby is English, my older two have the Italian link through their father, youngest and step son are half Welsh, half English so their are lots of diffrent football kits floating around our house (which incidently I hate) throw in a Holland kit and Spain one too
so no real loyalties, lol!! Hubby of course would disagree, normally he doesnt want to draw attention to himself but I went into the garden on the day of Englands first match to find two huge England flags flying from the washing line (old fashion pully, goes very high in the air) and him wearing his England top (we live in Cardiff so lots of jokes and comments get thrown around as you can imagine, even so...Wales where were you, maybe next time)
Whilst Im on the subject of sport, these past weeks have been crazy for us as parents, all our boys play football, training is still going on. Cricket has now commenced both for school and clubs!! Max the eldest played with the school at the Swalec stadium (England played an Ashes match there last year) and got beat in the final, Louie, middle child also played for his school in the grounds of Cardiff Castle and they won their tournement. This week was sports presentation eve at our school and there was a very special guest, Gareth Bale who plays for Spurs, he used to go to the boys school, as you can imagine they were all so excited and today Max is having a cricket training day with his ad other schools and two England cricketers are joining them (they played again in Cardiff
yesterday against Australia) so they have all had a fab couple of weeks!!!
Gosh I've rambled so enjoy John Barnes xx
PS Im sure England didn't get off to a good start because they didn't do a world cup song!!!!


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