Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I Heart, Hearts Too!

I thought I would show my collection of hearts too, as I noticed a few other blogs showing theirs. Like my fellow heart bloggers its surprising how many I have! This one being my current favourite, I love the colour!! A pressie off hubby for christmas
I sell these

And these
A speical heart from hubby

I also sell these

oh yes and this

A birthday pressie last year off one of my best friends, I love them, the bowl is pink, the measuring spoons are diffrent shades of pink!


Another special pressie of hubby

A gorgeous buy from Cherry Menlove, smells of gorgeous lavender

Yes I sell this too!

I just want to say a special thankyou to all the wonderful ladies who commented on my previous post. Every comment meant a lot to me...thankyou.
Claire xx


mollycupcakes said...

How beautiful and so in love you're Mum & Dad look in that photo.
Birthday Claire's Mum, I'm sure you're with her everyday and making all those dreams come true for her.

Gorgeous hearts honey from one heart lover to another. I got 3 more today and will share them on a post later in the week. They just call to me when I'm out in the shops. Ben says i can spot them a mile off lol and he's sooo right.
Even my Jade is seeing them everywhere now and she got me 2 for this Christmas. You can never have to many i say. this year should the year of the heart x
Hugs sweet lady.
Catherine x

Vanilla Press said...

Hi Claire,I love those hearts!I love the first one...& the measuring cup & spoons, so so sweet!I should take a look around my house,probably got a few hearts myself around the place!

take care

lou said...

Aww bless what a lovely collection of hearts!!!
I must go and have a look at your shop, just don’t tell the other half, not as I ever listen too him anyway.

Thanks for your lovely comment about Josh; it’s looking good at the moment for him coming home every night, I can’t wait!!!

Take care… love Lou xxx

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

I love, love, love hearts - great idea for a post...
Thanks for sharing..:)

LittleGem said...

Thankyou for joining in the hearts show and tell! All of your hearts are lovely - I especially like the spotty one, and the measuring cups, I saw similar in paperchase this week! X

Rosesposes said...

Hi Claire,
Love Love love the hearts!. That is a nice collection. Love the bluey one too, will have to check out your shop as they all look yummy.
Hows things going on the job watch?
X Dom

MaryPoppins said...

I love and adore your Hearts Claire, especially the lovely bowl and spoons, what gorgeousness :)

Thank you for your lovely comments and so I shall be sending many positive vibes your way, its a tough time isn't it, thinking of you and what a beautiful photograph of your mum and dad, I have left a comment and thank you for sharing with us


Shabby Chick said...

Beautiful hearts Claire, I am full of envy! And of your LA wallpaper too ;) I love the measuring spoons in particular.

Hope you're feeling a bit happier today xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

ooo I heart your hearts too!!! lovely collection - as you know i really like that one that stands up near your fireplace as well!! I think I will taking pics of hearts today its a good idea!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I am going to start making hearts for Valentines this year, I don't usually do Valentines but with all the doom and gloom in the news I am going to grab every event this year and go mad!

Thank you for sharing your heart filled world, I love the bowl !

x Alex

Hen said...

Oooh, I mega love those heart spoons!

prettyshabby said...

I love your hearts, the jug and bowl that you sell are very lovely indeedy!
I missed your last few posts and just wanted to say how lovely that photo of your mum and dad is..what a pretty lady, she looked like a young Joan Collins.Pete says the same thing about his dad not being around, it leaves alot of questions and 'wonder ifs'
I'll send you a big heap of love from my own heart this week, it must be a hard one for you. xxxx

thriftymrs said...

Beautiful hearts. I did a similar post a while back and was a tad shocked with just how many we had.

Julie said...

Lovely lovely hearts all of them. Particularly love the colour of the first one, and your wallpaper is GORGEOUS. Much wallpaper envy here.

Love the sequin cushion too. Very glam.

saraeden said...

That bowl and those spoons are so cute !!
I hope you have room for some more hearts swap partner ??

Sara x

LissyLou said...

Some lovely hearts!! i love the cushion x

Shabby Chick said...

Thanks Claire, yes they cheer me up too. I think if I took them all down it would be like when you take all the Christmas decs down and everything is bare! You can see why my husband says there are hangy things everywhere though ;)

Mel xxx

lesley said...

Hi There, What a gorgeous collection. Thanks for sharing. xx

Vanilla Press said...

Hi Claire
Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
My hubby is happy here,he doesn't really mind where we live as long as he can work & we are all safe & well...
I am a dreamer though,& would just love to live in a vibrant city with lots to do for the kids etc.
(plus as you know, I am obsessed with NY!)
But I have been there for 2 months (12 years ago..), & I don't know - I have just always felt that it is the place for me (& is that selfish?because is it really the place for my family?!)
Sigh...anyway...I will carry on dreaming...& like you say, wouldn't it be fabulous to buy an apartment there, & even live there some of the time?! - sounds a bit hollywood star, but anyhow!

Take care & thanks for your email address, I will drop you a line sometime


MaryPoppins said...

Thank you for your lovely comment, and glad you liked his room, it actually is his Big Sisters room and I have prettied up a little space for him in the corner, as you may know we have had two attic bedrooms built for them, so they are sharing at the moment, I can only manage to decorate one of their bedrooms at a time, and theres a cot in there too :)


Clairey said...

Your hearts are gorgeous my lovely! I am another fan of hearts although my collection isn't quite as good as yours!

Mr. Tumnus detroyed the heart I bought from Cherry! Not happy at all!!

Clairey xx

Carol said...

Love all of them! and have some just the same as you too, like your sugar bowl and I have your wall paper in my hall!
I have so many hearts in my home = we share the Love....
Carol xxx

MaryPoppins said...

Thanks Claire, I love the bunting idea, well done :)

Thanks for asking after Mr.P too


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

What a great collection!!!!!!!

M ^..^

MelMel said...

Hello...how are you!?xxx
Love the hearts!

MaryPoppins said...

We have, its not a fandangle one, I would have loved the cream rangemaster, but too exspensive.

so we have an electric stainless steel range cooker, and it is quite good, though not good for toddles fingers :)

DH and I are not talking havent for two days, he has been on the couch with a sleeping bag :) silly argument and we are both stubborn mules, job thing isn't helping, I wonder if he has been told but hasnt told me, I want to back down but always do, so we shall see


MelMel said...

Thank you my dear!x

Miss sew n sew said...

I heart your hearts!! I love duck egg blue too and your measuring spoons are just too cute! What lovely things you sell in your shop the mug warmer you asked about I bought from Sarah at Pink Petal Designs in the sidebar on my blog I'm sure she's got some in her shop if you want one!

Vintage Amethyst said...

What is it with us girlies and hearts, we just love them don't we!
You have a very fine collection there missy, just lovely.

MaryPoppins said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, and ohooo yes how glad I am that Mr. P and I are now talking, I mean how would I ask for my cup of tea :)


Vintage Tea said...

Hi, Enid Blyton books are great aren't they!

I joke with my parents that when I move out I will go round the house and steal things back I want for my home!

Victoria xx

MaryPoppins said...

You have an award :)


Kim McBirnie said...

Hi Claire, love the jug and bowl - very tempting!


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