Monday, 24 November 2008

Its Taken Forever But Nearly There

I'm talking of course about my house, it hasnt really taken forever but I thought I would share with you one of my treasured possesions, given to me by hubby a few years ago, I'm not sure if you can make it out but the word 'forever' is etched on the marble heart, I love it sooo much!!
Anyway back to the forever house, its a busy week here, we finally had internal doors fitted after removing the 70's style top to bottom bobbly glass style ones when we first got the keys, waaaay too dangerous with 4 boys plus various friends running around the place. Now as you can see the top half is again glass but reassured bloggers it is safety! I knowi ts daft but I really love these doors, I havent seen this style before and as I have a thing for tongue and groove they are perfect. I also love the handles, shiny and very heavy, they look beautiful, they came from Handles for Doors and I can definatly recommend their service.

Thursday see's the arrival of French doors and windows for the family room, I originally wanted wood french doors but the quotes were way more than uvpc, so I've been waying up the pros and cons, the house will be warmer and they will be easier to maintain as I know myself and hubby will forget to treat the wood..tut tut. I'm definatly going to have a wood stable door when its time to replace the back door!!
Saturday and Sunday is decking day, as I've had more or less free reign in the house to decorate, I suggested to hubby that he could do so in the garden, he was straight on the blower and had the decking man out within days, so hopefull by Sunday we will be looking pretty much finished apart from the hall and landing which I have no clue what to do.......suggestions greatfully appreicated! There's still bits and bobs left to be tarted up like the boys rooms as we quickly just painted the younger two's bedroom and did wallpaper Max's tiny box room with CK footie paper but thats all we've done in them!
There are two new additions to the living room or I think I might start calling it a very posh! The first is the bookcase, which was my bargain from a gorgeous shop in Cardiff...Rossiters, its the sister shop of the one in Bath but on a smaller scale. The first floor is heavenly, full of gorgeous goodies and treats and the basement has furniture which is where I found my bargain, but I am a bit dubious as the original price was £1100 and I got it for £185. Now it is beautiful but I doubt very much if the original price was that as I would never pay it even if I had the spondooleys too but at £185 ta very much!!
The second purchase is the mirror, bought from a lovely interiors and gift shop near to me, I thought it was diffrent to the ones I've been seeing in other shops and magazines and the wood frame matches the bookcase so well! Dont know whats going on with the circle thingy in the pic of the mirror!!

Well now I've written war and peace......does anyone else find they have to explain everything, I'm like it when I text Just finished watching Lipstick Jungle, ooooo I'm loving it so much even more than Sex In The City.
Nighty Night.............Claire xx


Carol said...

Hi Claire, I like your doors very much, your are really cracking on with the jobs.
The mirror is lovely too, I cannot work out the circle thingy either??
My plaster is off, I am free to hobble, I have to try and walk properly now. Cannot wear heels yet, which is really odd, I have no balance with my broken leg, I walk in heels like big man would, clumsily!
Night night,
Carol xxx

Anonymous said...

LOVE those doors, sounds like your forever pad will be all ready for you to decorate for Christmas.

MelMel said...

How lovely it all looks, you have such a clever eye, for details!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

ooo claire i have that same mirror too :-) we obviously have good taste :-D
I love that heart standing up on your fireplace hearth? the chrome one? can I ask where its from? and on that subject I need to know where your doors are from as well as I love them!!! we need to replace our internal doors and yours look fab !
Isnt Lipstick Jungle fantastic? I want to be Nico I think at the moment but I change on a weekly basis - although young Kirby as a toy boy is helping my decision LOL
Got my hearts etc thank you so much again :-)
Lesley x

Joanne said...

Wow it's really coming on.
I really love tongue and groove and those doors are fabulous.
More pictures please would love to see other rooms.

thriftymrs said...

It looks so gorgeous.

LaundryBasketCase said...

What fab doors! I bet they make a big difference to the house! I love that you have a round mirror, it's a bit different from the usual rectangular ones you always see. You have a lovely home. I'll be working on the swap stuff this weekend, eek time goes quickly!

julia said...

The house is looking lovely, I can't believ how much you've done since you moved in!
Love that heart, I do try to drop hints for gorgeous things from my other half but it mostly falls on deaf ears so I buy them for him knowing they'll come back to me eventually!
Julia xx

julia said...

The house is looking lovely, I can't believ how much you've done since you moved in!
Love that heart, I do try to drop hints for gorgeous things from my other half but it mostly falls on deaf ears so I buy them for him knowing they'll come back to me eventually!
Julia xx

Kim McBirnie said...

I read lipstick jungle when I was on holiday this summer, it was suprisingly good.
Your house looks beautiful - you're doing the kind of renovation work that I absolutely dread!
I'm very much a long hand gal as well, expecially when texting - !can't do text speak at all!

Clairey said...

Oh honey, it's looking lovely! The doors are gorgeous as is the mirror and the book case is divine!

My friends call my living room the parlour - some of them refuse to sit in it in case they make a mess!

Clairey xx

Rosesposes said...

Hi Claire
Your home looks gorgeous and beautifull doors. You have lovely style xx It looks incredibly tidy seeing as you have 3 boys too!

MelMel said...

Not watched lipstick jungle....looks good tho....

I've been watchig surviors.....thats mildy scary, but interesting!

Have a good day, my half day today...yippee!


MelMel said...

Cheers hun. i'm trying to relax, i've check my OFSTED stuff 5 times!
EEkkkkkk......have a feeling it will be tomorrow! sick of waiting now!

Amanda said...

Wow Claire it looks so beautiful - well worth the "forever" it has taken :o)

Oh and I am a terrible one for explaining absolutely everything - I get told of for writing "essays" hehe

Vintage Tea said...

Your home is looking wonderful!

Thank you for visiting my blog, my nephew arrived in the world yesterday!!

Victoria xx

MaryPoppins said...

Where are your gorgeous doors from they are lovely :) Thank you for my order and the gorgeous decoration, you are very kind


Mary X

MelMel said...

Hi hun, was watching how to look good naked, fab program....

Bed for me now, hope i get some sleep, other wise i'll be starring in 10 yrs!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else, your house is looking wonderful. Oh about the circle thingy in the mirror, I get that alot too and I also get one that looks like someone sprayed the mirror with white spray paint sometimes! must be one of those weird digital camera things! Cant wait to see more of the house.

MelMel said...

Glad you have ahad a great day!

Mines not been bad!xxx

prettyshabby said...

Crikey Claire, when did you manage to do all this decorating and remodelling and loveliness..weve been in our house 8 years and havent done as much!I really LOVE those new doors and That indeed is a bargain bookcase..very nice too! Havent seen lipstick jungle but if its like satc it must be good (god i miss that program) Have you been to Wyatts in cardiff? I know the owner, jane,never been myself but her shop over here is lovely..full of nice housey things!

thankyou for your message btw..a nice one to go to sleep on!

MelMel said...

Yes of course i will, just put the little one for a nap and then i'll boot up the other pooter.

I'm so relieved...

lovely picture of you btw!xx


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