Friday, 21 November 2008

Have Fun

To everyone going to the Vintage and Handmade Fair tomorrow, have a great time. I only wish I was one of you too!! Claire xx


prettyshabby said...

Hi Claire..I wish I was going too! I would need a small bucket-load of cash to take with me though!

I'm ok after hospital thanks for asking, just got a couple of weeks to wait for the results. I havent read that letter you mentioned but I've just read an interview Jac did for the telegraph online.I'm seeing her this week though,first time in absolutely ages!
Have a great weekend..hope that lurgy of yours has well and truly gone! x

julia said...

Hi Claire
Shame you can't get to the fair, it's now midnight and I've only just put the cake in the oven!
In answer to your question about the fireside light I'm afraid I've had them for years so I doubt there are any around any more - sorry!
Have a lovely weekend
JUlia xx

Sairer said...

hi Claire..hope it goes ok for the hubbies is scary isn't it when its all up in the air and you dont know whether youre coming or going?
As for Pmt..oh dont you just love it! I think the doctors are trying to fool my hormones into feeling like a teenager, at least it's not the menopause and all the lovely things that brings with it!..the things we have to put up with as laaaydees! (I had my 2 close together too, mad arent we!)

MelMel said...

Hi hun...Ofsted is getting mw down a bit, i just can't relax and have not slept well for a few nights now...i have nothing to worry about, i just want to do well and there is so much to remember!

Thank you for your support!
Hugs Melxxx


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