Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas Goodies and Christmas Yummies

The Christmas goodies are my Christmas swap and decorations and tree. The Christmas Yummies are 'TAKE THAT'.......seriously YUMMY, I'm currently watching them on ITV, oh I love them so....sigh.....Ladies I really don't think I could say no to any of them if they! I'm suddenly transported back to being 16 and soooo in love!! Lesely I'm sure you will agree!! So please excuse me if none of this makes sence as trying to blog whilst control myself wanting to scream isn't a good combination!!
Now below is a piccie of my Christmas swap goodies I recieved from the wonderful Hanri at The Linen Cupboard, now it was wrapped in beautiful white and silver snowflake tissue paper but as my younger two were sooooo excited about opening it, I didnt get a chance to take a piccie of it! As you can see from the piccie, I was spoiled, the gifts were perfect! My swap contained a beatiful cushion (close up in pic below) which I believe Hanri made, emroided in the top left hand corner were a heart and NY, perfect!! Then a perfect mug, just right for hot chocolate, it has been used twice since I've recieved it along with the most yummy chocolate mint swizzle sticks that you stir around your hot chocolate or coffee, they sre from M and S and I will definatly be going to buy some more, they of course went perfect with the cookie mix, which as you can guess were delicous, apoligise as there are no pics of them, but they smelt and tasted wonderful! Also included were a pack of pretty tissues, why you must be wondering, well Hanri had cleverly explained in her christmas card, that the cushion was to snuggle up with whilst watching a movie, whilst drinking hot choc or coffee and eating cookies and of course if its a sad movie thats where the tissues came in! Wonderful, thankyou Hanri, it was a pleasure to open everything and indulge....thankyou.

Below is a piccie of Hanri's pressie which I do hope she enjoys as much as I did, hers!!

Today we put up our decorations and tree's. Dont you just love the mistletoe?? Its from the Tales from Pixieland ( Elfie and Me), the boys keep standing underneath it and calling me then running away when I try to kiss them, bless! Now is wish Take That would stand under there!!

This is the boys tree, every year they choose a decoration each and have free reign to decorate it, honeslty I havent touched it apart from the star at the top as none of them could reach! Do you also notice my new French doors in the back ground...I love them, the decking was also finished to day, hubby keeps saying about having Christmas dinner on there, I'm begining to think he is!

I also have a little tree each year, to put my pretty things on, although looking at this pic it loks quite bare but it doesnt in real life!!!

I have to show the most adorable little decoration plus her friends, she is from Hansel and Gretal in Bath and I bought her last Friday, she is jus the most cutest thing ever.

This is her sister, who I got last year, I've decided to buy one every year, she seems a bit shy as her head is bowed.

I think this is their cheeky cousin who's got a mishivious look about her!!

I'm off now to rewind Take That and watch them again, bye for now.......Claire xx


MelMel said...

Hi hun.....what a wonderful swap!

I love your tiny cute!
I really need to get my childminding room out...but i'm too busy watching this!

MaryPoppins said...

What wonderful goodies you had, I love the beautiful cushion :)

Your Home is looking adorable and so christmassy, well done

Mmmmm now methinks I recogniose the Anya Hindmarch bag on the pram in your photograph, gosh Mr. Poppins dashed to Mr. Sainsburys at 4 a. m. to purchase one for me, were a fiver and there was a long queue and they were only selling 30at my Mr. Sainsburys and they handed raffle tickets. Mr. Poppins was number one and got a round of applause from all the ladies in the queue :)

I was at home with a very young Master. Poppins

I would love to know how you purchased yours

Mary X

Vintage Tea said...

Ooooh what wonderful swap goodies! Perfect for snuggling up on these cold winter evenings.

All your families trees look fantastic

Victoria x

Carol said...

Your trees all look very pretty.
Grand swop.
Have a good week.
Carol xx

Kelly said...

Oh wow, what lovely swap things :-)

Your tree's are very pretty :-)


Vintage Amethyst said...

Ooohhh look at all those wonderful swap goodies, you lucky thing! Lovely Christmas goodies too, we are putting our decorations up at the weekend, can't wait!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh lovely lovely things Claire - Take That I mean LOL - your swap presents are lovely as well its been such a fun thing to do and everyone so far seems really happy and its made the Christmas spirit come early I think!!
How good were TT though - Gary Barlow just makes me sigh............. have watched it twice already - loved the Peter Kay bit as well LOL
lesley x

Tea with Willow said...

I feel even more festive now, looking at your gorgeous decorations & swap goodies! What a lovely cushion! As for Take That - yes, I will admit to re-watching last night's show a couple of times already ... Mmmmm, they've definitely improved with age! ... very nice indeedy! (Apologies - I've reached that 'funny' age where I can lust after younger men - much to DD's embarassment!!)

Willow xx

MelMel said...

Hi hun....its a wonderful scent....transports me back to that special day....I've sprayed some on my scarf i wear round the house.....yum!

Your such a sweetie to think of me with a gift....really lovely.....

Hugs Melxxx

welshpurpletree said...

We put our decorations up this weekend too. Your trees look fab.

I love TT too, was a huge fan when I was a teenager. Really annoyed that we're on holiday when they play Cardiff next year.

mollycupcakes said...

Yummy honey, Take that and chocolate, what more could a grl want on a Sunday evening lol
Your Christmas trees look lovely and the little fairies are sooo cute.
I hpe they sprinkle their fairy dust and magic for you all.
Merry Christmas sweetie.
Catherine x

Clairey said...

Oh honey, it is looking so festive and cosy. Love both trees - the boys have done a lovely job decorating their tree.

Regarding your comment on my blog about Clinique girls...I am sure you're an accomplished ribbon tie-r!

Clairey xx

Kim McBirnie said...

What a lovely tree - I don't know why, but the xmas tree ritual this weekend has really made me feel christmassy. My swap parcel is ready to send as well, i'm getting quite excited about that now!

Rosesposes said...

Hi Claire
Love the trees, I do love real ones best. Hubbies toe wont allow it!. Stitches come out next week. he was like if I ever see a sewing needle again!.
Your swap goodies look lovely and I bet that cookie mix was divine, I think I might have made them while kids at school at eaten all of them!.They could come in and smell the aroma but not cookies left!. That cushion is gorgeouus esp with the little Ny embroidered bit on too.
catch up soon x Dom

MaryPoppins said...

Thanks :)

Lucky you laying your hands on two :)

I havent used mine in ages so am going to use it more often

Loving the doors, thank yo so much for the information :)

Yes no unwrapping here, I am being very good, Ha Ha for how long

Love Mary X

MaryPoppins said...

Mmmmm methinks I am going to have your doors :)

£80 x five Mmmmm do you think they shall do us a deal LOL

Thanks so much for sharing them and where you bought them from

Handles now LOL

MelMel said...

hi hun, good weekend?xxx

MelMel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MelMel said...

Hi hun.....i thought the same about the cards, lovely very Ck....
My parents ahve just been to drop in some cards from family.....

I'm having a day in today, been so busy all weekend, need the rest! hahahhahahhaa!

Got all the Xmas books out, i have next week off, so making this week all festive for the littles!xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Ooh can I have Gary Barlow under your mistletoe please?!

Your trees are great, your boys have done an excellent job and the little one is so pretty. I want want want your parquet floor by the way! We had one in our old house and I miss it soooo much!

Your swap presents are lovely, that cushion is stunning! The stirrers sound marvellous :)

Thanks for your comments on my blog, I've added yours to my favourites as it's a really good read.

Mel x

MelMel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MelMel said...

did try to leave another comment saying my email is still down and i thought you may have gone out, so deleted it....:>))

Presenrs...hhhmmm.....I got hime some bits, will give him some money towards a wii....xx

MelMel said...

Whoops sorry, was half someones eles...what a twit i am!xxx

Summer by the sea said...

Lovely swap goodies - the cushion is great, especially as its been customised to you! - Love the mistletoe too, off now to see if I can get some! - Natalie x
P.S - Hope you got my e mail

bekimarie said...

What a lovely cushion! I've promised myself i'm going to make a cushion out of Jacks baby clothes, I hope it will look as good as yours.
Take care
Beki xxx

MelMel said...

Evening....I'm going to watch both Heroes, Xmas eve next wk, so will be going out......

Think i may have missed the parcel going to pick up on friday nite the Posy office sorting centre is staying open till was packed today......when i went b4, my dad took me home, it was too cold to hang about!

MelMel said...

Hi hun, just saw the other comment, i may do that....something to keep me busy after Xmas!LOL....xxxx

buttercup & roses said...

Thanks for your comment, you made me giggle!

I love your christmas trees, so pretty, and so nice to see a 'real' one!

Hope you have a very merry christmas...

Jen xx

Clairey said...

Where's my Flower Fairy!!!

Word verfication scurbuls....not quite as good as your nobbuster but it made me giggle.

Clairey xxx

VanillaPress said...

Hi there Claire,do you remember me?A fellow NY fan!
Anyway, I was looking back at your posts and its lovely to see how your house is coming on, I love your kitchen..

Jasmine said...

Thanks for your kind comment, Claire!Things are better than they were, just have to think positive in this life,huh?
anyway, have a wonderful festive season and you have inspired me to keep going,after being away for so long!

lou said...

Hi, what a fantastic job the boys did with the tree, it looks lovely!

I hope you have a lovely Christmas dinner sat out on your new decking…:o)
Love Lou xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Hi there - glad your parcel arrived although as it was a last minute rush job its a bit of a poor effort so will promise to send something nice in the new year to cheer up the sad january blues!!!

saraeden said...

Hi there Claire , sorry i haven't popped by for ages its been a mad few months here with all the Christmas fairs etc !! Your tree's look great and the house is looking wonderful !!

Happy Christmas
Sara x

prettyshabby said...

Have a Happy Christmas Claire! the trees look gorgeous..boys and kisses..arent they funny hey!
glad you popped into Janes shop..shes selling her wyatts shop in ledbury and moving sad..maybe I'll get to peek at the cardiff one some day.(I do alot of browsing as opposed to buying there too!)

MelMel said...

Hello...I'm so sorry, its not turned up.....but the post is shocking!

Still waiting for a parcel Ollys parents sent nearly 2 wks back....eeekkkkkk!

How are you?
Its really so sweet of you to think of me :>))

I will email when it arrives, hopefully tomorrow?xxx

MelMel said...

A real puppy?

My next plan-tomake a cushion like yours!


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