Sunday, 16 November 2008

Awards, thankyou's and bargains!!!

Good evening ladies, I should say men as well but I dont think that there are many of you out there reading my! As you can see I have been awarded the 'Real Persons Award', funny name but I think it means that you are as real as your blog.....which we all seem to be on here! It was given to me by the gorgeous Mel Mel, thankyou hun, I love your 'real blog too'.
I have to award it to 7 lovely bloggers so I award it too,
Lesely - Notes From My Days
Mary - Mary Poppins
Natalie - Summer By The Sea
Alison - Vintage Amethyst
Clairey - Blogging For Brenda ( I need to change this to Nothing Will Go Wrong)
Kathy - My Life and Other Beads, who's been an extremly busy lady at CL fair
Lea - All Things Shabby Chic, although I dont know where she has dissapeared!

Now this is a very belated thankyou to the lovely Natalie at Summer By The Sea, she very kindly made me this along with a gorgeous yellow heart (which I forgot to take a pic of but it is hanging in my kitchen) and I love it, it goes perfectly in my kitchen, thankyou again, you are so kind, I promise that you do have something on its way, that goes for you to Catherine aka Molly Cupcakes, I honestly have the worst memory ever and I do owe you a huge apology!!

Now onto my bargain, a Greengate king size throw for £40, I purchased mine from Homescence which is the same company as TK Maxx, I had seen the navy blue throw which Mel Mel has got in TK Maxx a week ago, I picked it up and put it back for ages but decided not to get it as I was supposed to be getting christmas pressies ( I ended up purchasing a gorgeous bookcase from Rossiters in Cardiff, its the same store as the one in Bath, and had it for a real bargain, I'll post about it in my next post), of course when I got back home I wished I had purchased it especially after seeing it looking gorgeous in Mels house. A few days later I popped into Homescence and they had the above throw and two smaller navy blue ones, I took hubby back later in the evening and he very kindly bought it for me even though he hates it and was convinced the boys would hate it to, much to his surprise they dived straight under it and have done ever since!!

Finally a piccie of my three taken on Children In Need Friday, it was wacky clothes day in school and they could go as mad as they wanted but this was the closest I could get them to going wacky, they also had odd socks on which isnt hard to do in my!!

Have a good evening.........Claire xx


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

ooo thank you for my award you are a very kind lady :-) I am loving the throw I'm not surprised they are under it lots my little boy has a love of all things "comfy" as he calls them ! you have 3 very handsome little men there even with wacky hair :-D
sorry to confuse you with the website order :-)
Lesley x

MelMel said...

What a wonderful throw, i like it better than mine!
Must get to homesense, i rarely get to the Trafford centre, but will make the effort to go and see, as i have heard that this shop is fab!

Your so nice about me.....i think your so cool!

Andrea said...

I want that Throw, I am going to have to pop into my local TK MAX tomorrow to see if our store has it...I know, I should be Xmas shopping but I keep buying things for me!! x

nlhowlett said...

Thank you Claire - you are very kind! - I love the pic of your boys last Friday, my boys had to go to school in pjamas, my youngest was very pleased that he could get a lie in, cos he literally had to get out of bed and go to school!

Andrea said...

Its funny how you should mention tins of sweets as last eveing my hubby opened up a tin of Roses Chocolates bought for Christmas, as he had done all the week-ends cooking I didnt have the heart to say NO!!! P.S I have plenty of ironing here if your hubby gets bored!! x

shabby chic said...

Hi Claire,
Congratulations on your award!. I love the throw its so gorgeous and a real bargain too. I love the plaque that Natalie done for yourr kitchen it looks lovely. Your little lads look so sweet
x Dom
ps my little boy is reading a book at the moment called " why are bogeys green!), not so sweet!

thriftymrs said...

Love that throw.

Hen said...

How great your boys look! I admire you looking after them all, one is challenging enough for me! He's currently very excited at starting Beavers tomorrow.
Thanks for your comments on my blog. If you did A'level Textiles then you should definitely get churning out the crafts! Get yourself some books and experiment. Perhaps father xmas will bring you some if you have been good... I never had lessons, there's no better way of learning than doing, I say! Loads of stuff is possible with hand sewing. can't wait to see what you produce...
Hen x

julia said...

Fantastic pic of those gorgeous boys!
With regards to hints for a successful sale evening we tend to find that plenty of mulled wine, candlelight and chat do the trick. Also, don't overload your table, spread the stuff around if you can. When we do it here we have bits in each room, and also display them where you would use them, eg. a stocking on the fireplace, helps people to imagine it in their house.
Hope this helps, enjoy and good luck, I'm sure it'll be a great success.
Julia xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Ahhh thank you so much for thinking of me. Sorry it has took me a while to pop over, it is busy busy busy here. Well I shouldn't complain should I?
I love your quilt, and how cute are your boys? Too cute that's for sure!

MelMel said...

Oh i am sorry for you being do you feel now?
Hope you have been snuggled up in your new quilt?

hhhmmmmm....i did my best.....was very hard tho....not easy, so i really don'tt think i'll get it, and apparently it will include some evenings and weekends....which i had no idea about....Olly is not impressed by that...still i doubt very much i got it, so no sweat!

prettyshabby said...

well done on the award..very much deserved! I do like your Claires cupcake kitchen sign,really lovely and that quilt is absolutely gorgeous..I love greengate goodies,we dont have any of those good bargain shops in primark,homesense or tk maxx..boooo!
Cute bunch o'boys you have there!(mine would never go too wacky on wacky day either!)

MelMel said...

Happy weekend.....Heroes? weird!!!xx

Anonymous said...

And what's wrong with Blogging for Brenda I have to ask??? (Asking of course with hands on hip and a look of mock effrontery on her face!)

Love your boys in the last pic, they look like such characters, even without the red hair.


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