Thursday, 6 November 2008

Oh To Be a Ladyeeeee in New York!

Did anyone happen to see the Little Britain sketch the other week with Emily singing with Sting....brilliant!! This brings me to the below picture, I love it so much, it goes perfectly in my bedroom. The lady is very Sophia Loren looking, very stylish and of course it has the NY detail in the back ground! It's from BHS af all places, I first saw it a few weeks ago but didnt like the price, plus it had a mark on the frame, a couple of days later my aunty and uncle were in there as there was a 20% weekend, now my aunty is brilliant to go shopping with as she will always get a bargain, they got it down to half price due to the mark on the frame, then when they went to pay, the staff couldnt find the code so used another picture which was cheaper then still gave them 20% off so it was a HUUUGE bargain!! Yippeee!! By the way, my uncle did a brill job on hiding the mark on the frame....thankyou!!
A cosy view of my side of the bed, as I'm the only 'ladyeee' in the house, our bedroom is verly femanine, the wallpaper you can just see in the below pic has gorgeous butterflys over it. We've wallpapered the one wall behind the bed and the chimney breast opposite it, the other two walls are a gorgeous pink. When my 9 year old first saw it, he said, 'poor Steve' (his stepdad)!

Just a few details from the bathroom, I'm not happy with colour blue above the tongue and groove but have yet to find a colour I like, now I've added the below pic, I have to say that the marks on the dado look like dust but honestly its the paint needing another coat!!!

I've now started adding my bits and bobs to the shelves from a previous post!!

Ta ta for now.....claire xx


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh claire its so lovely :-) i love the wallpaper ! am looking for butterfly wallpaper for the daughters room but the one ive seen is so expensive!! i did think of painting some freehand on the wall but it would look like a 5 year old had been let loose with crayons.............
ive named the naked men in the bathroom jamie and brad :-D and ive left them in there so i can have someone to chat too when im in the bath tonight myself LOL
Lesley x

thriftymrs said...

Lots of lovely things. I enjoy drooling over your photos. Hehe!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love the colours, and your style is wonderful

well done you

x Alex

MelMel said...

Loving the pics, see we both adore Tiffanys, how very NY!!!

Your home is charming!xxxx

Amanda said...

Oh I adore the wallpaper - and you need to have a girly space - and the bedroom is certainly the place to have it :o)

karen said...

ooooh I love those style pictures they're great aren't they and I love haiving a nosy at other people's homes lol

Clairey said...

Oh Claire, it is looking GORGEOUS! I am loving your wallpaper so much and the bathroom looks beautiful.

We need to see more!

Clairey xxx

Tilly Rose said...

Love the loo roll holder, i'm shabbying up my bathroom at the moment, my bedroomis a work in progress to but getting my husband to get o grips with a paint brush is a bit like getting blood from a stone......
Take Care and keep blogging....


Carol said...

Very pretty and very ladeelike....and all those Tiffany box's and Jo Malone...lovely! xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

thanks for visiting my blog again :-) jamie and brad are a talkative couple they never shut up tonight honestly :-D
no prob re the order there is no rush honestly so take your time :-)
thanks again

MelMel said...

Heroes was so weird!
Same as lost......:>))
Love em both!

The puppet master was awful, as you said so creepy! yukky!

How ahs your day been?

MelMel said...

LOL.....we commented at the same time....:>))x
Have a great one yourself!xx

butlersabroad said...

It's all looking lovely Claire, don't worry about the small things like the colour of the bathroom, it'll all sort itself out, and you don't have to make every decision immediately. It's just a bit of paint, easy to change. Love the bedroom too, very romantic and chic.


MaryPoppins said...

Lovelyyyyyyyy you are giving me so much inspiration for my Home Sweet Home :) DD can go in her new attic bedroom in a couple of days, thats One child out of our bedroom, one more to go LOL

I have emailed you, regarding the four hearts if they are avilable

Many Thanks Mary X

MelMel said...

Feeling slightly better, but then i'm resting now...little one down for her afternoon nap...

So time off for good behavior...!LOL....xx

Willow said...

Ooh, I love, love, love your bedroom! What a fab bargain picture from BHS! I totally understand your love of anything "New York" .. me, OH & kids went there for a week in the summer hols - what a fantastic adventure - best holiday ever!! I would go back there tomorrow if I could!
Willow xx

MelMel said...

Too tempting!
They are nice tho...i've been after a green gate quilt for a while, but not the price they are offered at in the posh shops!

Ready to submit my Tax return when Olly gets in.....will be glad when it is done!


MelMel said...

Whata really super comment.....thank you so are a sweetie!

I've had super half day!

MelMel said...

You have an award!X

MelMel said...

Well done your fab!

claudie said...

Love your blog. Came upon you late this evening or should I say early moring...oh gosh it's 1:30 AM.
Your blog caught my eye because of Serendipity. My hubby and I are gong to the big Apple in a couple of weeks to celebrate our 20th. It's just a hop, skip and a jump from here (are you drooling yet?lol)
I will think of you when we have our ice cream at the Serendipity Ice Cream Parlor. It's one of many stops of my list. Second...can you believe that I made secret reservations in the Crystal Room at Tavern on the Green??. I'm soooo excited. shhh it's a surprise.
Keep up the great blogging
Hugs from Canada

MelMel said...

Hi hun....i've been busy doig a children in need fundraiser....glad to be home!
Little one napping, so taking a break!
Thanks for the lovely comment.....did you watch Heroes.....getting stranger by the week....!xx

MelMel said...

Morning hun....i'm slightly smarter dressed today, but have a feeling i will be covered soon in
A.A number 2!!
C.Soil from someones shoe.......that kind of thing!

So looking forward to my trim tomorrow, i have an interview on Wed, need to be well turned out for that!
Enjoy the CIN day!xxx

MelMel said...

Real life is more important!
Glad your having fun......have a super weekend...hugs mel...
And yes they are very cosy!

MelMel said...

I'm on the lookout for a pottery Stanley dog or a china one...i never seem to have any luck tho!

Heroes is getting weird....but i love it!

Purple Sparkle said...

Hello! Thank you for the comment on my blog - and for buying some bath bombs from mum :-) She's been so busy these past few days I haven't even spoken to her, she's wonderful!
I love the pictures of your house, it looks so gorgeous! Fab website too :-)
Becky xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

hi there thanks for yoru comment - i would love to take credit for decorating the inside of my new cupboard but it actually came like that !! i just have the collection of fabrics i cant actualy make anything yet the cushion was a fluke LOL - re the crochet hearts yes can i have both of them please! all mums and sisters are gettingthem for xmas LOL - will go and paypal for them :-)
LOL at you and your "secret" partner :-)
Lesley x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

are you going to be cross if i say my xmas shopping is finished bar a couple of stocking fillers :-D not wrapped though which I really do not like doing!!!
L x


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