Saturday, 6 September 2008

A very very nearly finished kitchen.

Hi everyone, here are some piccies of our new kitchen, better late than never, it's almost completed, just a few bits that need to be done, the sort that will be done in about ten years
This is definatly my fave room in the house, I can often befound standing by the door (except there is no gazing into the room. The table still have boxes with things that have no home, will they ever have a home I ask myself.

This is such a bargain from Ikea, the cupboards either side of the oven aren't wide enough for saucepans so this is perfect for them, I just need to varnish it so it doesnt end up with too many marks on it. It cost £39

This is one if the things that will take ten years to

My favourite thing in the whole kitchen, why its come out like this I don't know. We didnt have a dishwasher in the last house, so for the last two years I've felt I've been stuck at the sink......this is heaven!

I wanted an open plan style to the kitchen so we have no wall units, there is another one waotung to go above this one.

This gorgeous plate rack is from Pretty Practicals, I can definatly recommend their site, gorgeous products and excellant service.

This is view I love to gaze at, ignoring the table just before it full of
I'd like to say a huge thankyou to you all for all your lovely comments. The move was a nightmare as the weather was so awful and we didnt realise how much stuff we actually had, we still have boxes dotted around the house, a garage full of boxes and hubby's mum's garage is also full.....yikes!
It's a month today that we moved in and I just love it here, the boys settled right away, we have fab neighbours, there a million boys living in the road.....slight exageration........adjoining us are three boys from the same school as my boys, practically all the same age. Its funny as there are 20 house in the road and 6 of them have children simliar ages to mine and they are all boys! Heaven for my lot!
As you know from my previous post I went to see Madonna, she was absolutely amazing, we had fantastic seats thanks to my fab Aunty. According to the press the crowd wasnt that into her and there was booing, the booing wasnt actually for her but whilst we were waiting, which was over 2 hrs ( only critisim was there was no support act) there were lots of mexican waves going on and if one side didnt complete it, the other side would boo.....all good fun, we were entertaining ourselves. Everyone was so excited and the crown went crazy when she came on. What a show, she didnt stop for over two hours apart from a quick change. My fave was Like a Prayer which was mixed with the dance track Dont You Want Me (by Felix), I wish it would be released it was so good. She did four diffrent theme sets, all amazing. I love it and would definalty see her again and she looks so good at 50 and definatly puts m e to shame with her body and fitness.
I've been trying to reply to comments left on my posts today but either its my computer or blogger is playing up so ladies I will be replying to all your lovely messages very soon.
I have lots to tell about the house and what we got up to in the summer??? hols.......was that summer???
Take care ...........Claire xx


MelMel said...

What a lovely kitchen...i love the wall colour....and your bridgewater looks adorable on the plate sweet...i would also stand at the door and gaze if it were my pleased that you have the kitchen you want!


Lesley said...

Hi Claire ! lovely to have you back and thanks for your comments on my blog - I am getting a bit green with envy at all the lovely EB polka dot stuff around on blog land at the moment !! I really need to add some more to my christmas list (oops mentioned the C word will get into trouble now)the other green with envy bit is for your absolutely gorgeous kitchen its sooooo lovely! thats the Farrow and Ball Cooking apple green you mentioned is it? its yummy !!! madonna sounds fab and Like a Prayer is one of my favs of hers (as well as Crazy for you for some reason LOL) glad you enjoyed it :-) Lesley x

Lea said...

Stunning! It looks perfect. I'm glad you're settling into your new home so well. We have been in ours for a few months and it's so exciting isn't it :)
Lea xxx

julia said...

Well done you, it looks absolutely fabulous!
Your moving in story reminds me of ours. Before our new kitchen was built we had a tiny, tiny kitchen here. We moved from a house with a larger kitchen and on removel day mum and I were congratulating ourselves on emptying all the boxes sucessfully into the new space when the removal men brought another ten in! At that point I nearly cried!
Julia xx

Clairey said...

Oh Claire, it looks amazing! The plate racks looks utterly divine especially with all your lovely Emma Bridgewater. What colour paint did you use?

I am loving the shelves so muc - just put another up in my kitchen which looks divine. Must post a picture of it unfortunately my kitchen is HORRID!

Can't wait to see more pictures.

Good to see you back hun.

Clairey xx

Summer by the sea said...

Lovely kitchen claire - Sorry I haven't done your sign yet, but I'm onto it! - Glad you like the new house and feel settled - Natalie x P.S - I don't have a dishwasher at this house and its a nightmare!

julia said...

I know all about that sigh, mine sometimes turns into a little chuckle because I just love having the house to myself for a while. I even get up early sometimes just to have a peaceful up of tea - sad eh!
Julia xx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Your kitchen sure looks lovely!
Do you fancy a kitchen swap with mine! LOL
No I don`t think you would!
Debbie Moss

I`m glad that you enjoyed Madonna`s concert!
If I was there... I would be screaming so loudly that I wouldn`t be able to speak for a week!
I think that Sweet Hubby would enjoyed that! LOL

Debbie said...

Claire it looks gorgeous!! You have such good taste and i love the dots and enamel stuff together! :D

Take care

periwinkle said...

lovely kitchen and I just love the green colour. The only dishwasher in this house is me - and I have the hands to prove it :-(
lisa x

MaryPoppins said...

Oh my goodness it is lovely, you can probably guess what mine looks like, we have a wall knocked through now bot no units or anything to speak of, we are odering the kitchen in the next few days, and have taken so much inspiration from looking at yours, so nice and welcoming. i would to have loved to have seen madonna, my favourite papa don't preach x

The Vintage Kitten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katherines Dream said...

The kitchen is wonderful, love the green and all your shelves and bits and bobs. I like the open kitchen look too.
I like your plate you have thinking if I can squeeze one in!
Carol x

MaryPoppins said...

I have Tagged you X

prettyshabby said...

Oooh a proper kitchen...and it's lovely! nice to have you back! x

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Hoooooooooooooow gorgeous!!! Lucky you, it's a dream!!!!!

M ^..^

MelMel said...

That s is so sweet of sister has offered to check out her store in her lunch break today....and as i bought them last time for her and i...she said if they have them in she would i get to keep my promise to myself and...get the bag!

BUT if there are none left.....then i will very quickly run around to you!!!
Oh the nursery just phonrd about tomorroews try out!!! all nervous now!!!! eeeekkkk!
You having a good day???

Brenda said...

Welcome back Claire, we've missed you! Just look at all these comments girlfriend! The kitchen is divine, so glad the house is coming together, I can see why you just stand and stare!

Don't beat yourself up over Madonna, if we all had, her money, her personal trainer, her personal gym, her dietician, her cook, her gardener and her house cleaner I'm sure we could ALL look that good at 50!! lol. You look great as you are and don't you forget it.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

such a cute kitchen!! I hope you have a fantastic day!! big hugs!! Britt :-)

Pink Feather Paradise said...

What a beautiful kitchen, the colour is so fresh and clean. I am definitely going to get cracking with my own now and thank you for kick starting my own home decorating project.

Cheers Alex

Hen said...

I've only just found your blog, don't know why so I have lots of ovely catching up to do. The kitchen looks great. Is it Cooking Apple Green on the walls? You are def a woman on my wavelength, any excuse to get the latest interiors mag!

Hen x


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