Saturday, 23 August 2008

A Quick Hello

Hi everyone, just a quick hello, the move was horrendus due to really bad weather and it took two whole days........boy was I traumatised. No piccies yet as still very unorganisesd due to kiddes on hols! I'm so happy here though and feel very at
I'm sooooo excited as tonight I'm off to see Madonna...yipee.....she is opening her tour right here in Cardiff, its Madonna crazy here! Up until yesterday afternoon I wasnt going, when it was announced that she was coming, myself and hubby both said we would go as my Aunty works in the box office of the CIA (a concert venue) which also sells tickets for major events too and she can get tickets for us, but we never got round to getting tickets then I completely forgot about it.
Yesterday she phoned to say she had 4 FREE tickets for! Hubby doesnt want to go so its strictly a girls night out and we are all so excited, I'm currently listening to Material Girl as I'm typing this. I'll post all about it soon.............Claire x


Amanda said...

Sory to hear the move was so difficult - but I'm sure your night out will make up for all that :o) Enjoy!!

Joanne said...

I'm happy your almost over your horrendus move and that your happy and feel at home already. Can't wait to see some piccies.

Hope you have a great time tonight with the girls.

Lesley said...

Glad your getting settled in your new home :-) and enjoy Madonna she is fantastic in concert apparently !
Lesley x

Clairey said...

Hiya Lovely! The internet isn't the same without you.

Can't wait to see pictures. Can you believe we started this house buying thing back in March - time flies eh?!

Now I know you've recently got an award but I couldn't not nominate you so it's waiting over at my blog.

Clairey xxx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahhh sorry to hear about the house move, but you are in now so thats the main thing!
Eeek how exciting seeing Madonna, hope you had a fantastic time.
Can't wait to hear all about it.
Love Alison x

prettyshabby said...

oooooh you're in then!
enjoy maddonna, I imagine she's fantastic live

mollycupcakes said...

Hello lovely lady, I'm so glad you're in and it's all home sweet home for you all.
Hope you've had a fabulous time watching Madonna, isn't she cool. I hope I look that good when I'm her age.
Many hugs and thanks for your support over the last few weeks.
Catherine x

MelMel said...

hello nice to meet you...was madonna good?
i loved working at LA...the didscount was fab...miss it sooooo much....wearing part of my old uniform sweet not too!
Its a dark blue skirt...when it fist came in i dashed to buy it on uniform!!!!!hahhahaha

I left in the end as i was spending more than i earned...i only did 4 hrs per week!!!!! on a wed nite!
How cool is that! during this time i managed to aquire a good deal of fabric and other stuff! was great fun!!!!

Brenda said...

I know you've got nothing else to do at the moment so I've gone and tagged you!!

Brenda said...

Oh, that's odd, I left a comment here last week about your move and hoping things have settled down but I don't see it now!

Lucy @ attic24 said...

Hello claire
Welcome yo your new home, i'm so glad you are finally installed and happy even though your move sounds rotten.
Wishing you many many happy days ahead in your new abode, and can't wait to see more pics

Katherines Dream said...

I am looking forward to some befores and afters of your new home.
I bet the Madonna concert was a fab night out with the girls, I would love to go and see her.
Carol xx


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