Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I'm not ignoring you...honest!

I'm very frustrated, for some reason I can't reply to any of your comments, initially it was typepad that I couldnt reply too, now its blogger too. Please don't think I'm ignoring you all, especially BRENDA and MARY who have given me tags to do, I will do them very soon. Thankyou for all your fab comments on my new kitchen, I'm pleased you all like it.....Claire x


MelMel said...

I have a giveaway....ends next wed hope your pooter is good by then.....just incase you want to have a go!!!!

MelMel said...

I will here back tomorrow regarding the job.....including the salary etc....hoping the whole package will enable me to take if offered....or they may say no thanks your rubbish!
Who knows!

Good day today...babe napping and i'm eating a sandwich and blogging.......and doing my online banking!

Clairey said...

Ignoring madam!!

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Claire
Ive finished your sign but I've lost your address and can't find the e mail! - Any chance you can e mail it me again so I can post it off to you?
My e mail address is
Thanks x

MelMel said...

Just watching Antiques roadshow!

Its so great there....and they do the Pemberley tour......hoping to do some volunteer work there next NT year....And maybe we will get to go on it for free!
Colin firth is fabby as Mr D!!!!!


Have a good week hun!!!

Andrea said...

Hi, I really adore your kitchen! You must be very proud! Andrea x

mollycupcakes said...

OMG i love your kitchen sweetie, it's fabulous. I have that butchers block fro ikea my mummy got me one for my 25th birthday and i've had it for nearly 8 years now and it's looks better and better after ever year.
The colour of your kitchen is so calming and relaxing and do i spy a few bits of pink? lol
Hoe you get the computer sorted, who says they don't have a mind of their own, flaming computer gremlins.
Many hugs
Catherine x


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