Tuesday, 30 September 2008

I Love NY Mondays too!

Is anyone else loving Living tv at the momement? I have to admit I love 'certain' reality shows and Mondays are now my fave tv watching night. Last night started at 8 with Make Me A Super Model US (it was the last one though and I thought Holly would win...yeah for the girls!) then Americas Next Top Model at 9, double bonus as its back in New York this time and finally at 10, Lipstick Jungle which I'm already hooked on. Now I tend to watch tv after 9 when the boys are asleep so I did sky+ Make Me A Super Model and watched it in between adverts!!!

I have two tags that I'm really late doing, first one is the quirky tag from the lovely Brenda (racing girl)

1 I love the marks left on your skin that you get from leaning on something or laying down, hubby thinks this is very strange! If I see someone with a mark on them I have to stop myself from wanting touch it....lol......my younger two have developed it too and they show me their marks in the morning from sleeping....I know.....wierd!

2 I can curl my right top lip like Elvis and raise my left eyebrow at the same time, doesnt make for an attractive look :)

3 I have to go to go to bed last, dont know why, maybe its the mothering thing but I always make sure everyone is tucked up and if their duvets are all tangled I have to straighten them even if the boys to stir, I remember my mum doing the same thing! Hubby occasionally stays up after me and I cant sleep until he is in bed unless he's out or working away.

4 I cant sleep naked, I always to have underwear on, I have a thing about crawlies being around....lol....gross I know........a fly flew in my ear one night a few months ago so you never know.....lol

5 I can say random things, I could be having a conversation but be thinking about something elsle, for example, I once asked a customer if I could feel her instead of could I help her as I was thinking at the time that I didnt feel well. how embaressing, she found it very funny!

6 I'm addicted to house magazines ( think this is a common one on these blogs) I will purposly make an excuse to go out in the night to buy one if I havent managed go shopping throught the day, hubby doesnt mind at all me buying them but I always feel silly saying I want to go out and get one, if I cant I dont sleep properly until I have it! I get so excited when I know they are due out, I've just been at Mel Mel's blog and her copy of country homes and living magazine has arrived and I'm itching to get one now

My next tag is from the lovley Mary (mary poppins ) and this one is facts about yourself.

1 I once came 2nd in a sexy legs competition at Pontins, I was 15, it was fixed as the lady who won, her husband was a judge.....boooo

2 I'm ampidextrus ( have no idea if I've spelt this right) although I write with my left hand, I could get away with writing with my right if I ever broke my left (didnt anyone else want to break their arm when they were in school? It was such a cool thing to have a plaster where everyone could sign it....lol) and my right hand is actually stronger, ie for throwing and opening things. Although I cant use a scissors properly with either hand.

3 I'm not a naturally tidy person but wish to be so, hubby is soooo much more tidier than me.

4 My dream job would be an interior designer but I'm not artistic at all, I'm very visual and love putting things together around the house but if I had clients they would end up with child style drawings.....lol.....!

5 My mum spent a lot of time in hospital when I was little so most of my time was spent there, I used to go along with my dad and brother most nights, say hello then dissapear to help the tea ladies on the wards, when top of the pops on tv I used to go into the tv room ( everyone seemed to be 70+) and dance for the ladies, I was free entertaiment....lol.......I had all their phone numbers in my address book and used to phone them now and again.

6 I have to have certain drinks at different times of the day, Tea or Orange juice with breakfast, tea mid morning, water or diet pepsi with lunch, diet pepsi with dinner, hot chocoalte in the evening andof course the odd bottleof wine thrown in.....couldnt have diet pepsi in the morning......no way...or a cup of tea after 7......I'm like it with the boys too, think tihs should be up with the quirky tags.

There you go, a little bit about me and my little world. Now I know both tags have been doing the rounds so I wont pass them on but feel free to do them yourself!

I have to say a huge thankyou to the gorgeous Natalie ( summer ny the sea) for the gorgeous cupcake picture she made me, I will post pic on here v soon, I love it, everyone comments on it. You should start making them to sell!!

I've been a bad blogger both posting and replying to apologies to anyone who hasnt heard from me in a while, blogger is still being very 'clicky' with who I try and reply too.....lol

Claire x


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

I love livingtv as well :-) greys anatomy is one of my all time favs but have sky +d lipstick jungle so will watch it now before school pick up!
my daughter does that thing with any marks from leaning or sleeping on your arm etc - always has to come and show me!
Lesley x

MelMel said...

Some cool facts about yourself there!
I was just thinking today is really boring, i was suffering from cabin fever, then i came on here! yippee!!! i'm all cheered up n smiling now!
*huge grin* lol

MelMel said...

The funny thing was i only bought it because it was a bargain and then i had it all sitting about until about two yrs back.....and then i really took the whole Shabby chic thing into my heart!
I love your kitchen.....just having another peep!
I love polka dots! We have good taste!
Job's mmm...well was offered a few, but had to turn them all down, either because the wages were awful or the place was, I did my C.V over last night, what a headache it gave me!
There is a good job working as a playleader for the NHS, play therapy, i fancy that, so i'm doing the app tonight! Online as the closing date is this Fri! eekk!
Such weather we are having today!
sad too that Lost in Austen is over, may have to watch it again on the lappy b4 it goes off the watch it again thingy!
So what have you been up to today?

MelMel said...

I've never watched it....so googled it!
She is pretty!
Bless you!
Thats really kind of you!
I have the same tooth as P.Arquette from that program where she has Sixth sense, can't remeber what it is called!xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I am ambidextrous too, but I no longer write with my left hand as I was made to write with my right hand when I was at infant school as left handed was frowned on. I can still paint with my left and I tend to be really annoying and play snooker,pool tennis etc. with both hands, mind you I haven't played any of those in a long time.
I wish we had living channels to watch but they are blocked on free view, maybe one day!
Cheers Alex

Vintage Tea said...

I'm so jealous... I want the Living channel, it has all the good shows.

Some great quirks, I can't sleep naked either!

Victoria x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Loved finding out more about you!
The hand thing is weird as I'm right handed but tend to do most things with my left.
Strangely I only ever used to sleep naked, couldn't sleep with anything on & now I can't sleep naked always have to have something on ~ don't ask me what changed I have no idea!
Alison x

MelMel said...

Thanks for the lovely comment.....very sweet of you!
Are you having a good day?
I've only been in a couple of times my self, and was lucky once b4 when i found 3 ck plates the picnic ones.....!
I'll take a look in the shop you mentioned...cheers for that!xxxxx

MaryPoppins said...

I have given you an Award :)

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

You are just a hoot!

M ^..^

Anonymous said...



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