Saturday, 4 October 2008

Cheers Emma!

How nice of Emma Bridgewater to think of me when designing this new've showed it to hubby, so maybe it will appear in my christmas stocking!! The new CK catalogue popped through my door yesterday so I also told him to pick anything out of there too! Can you believe how quick this year has gone? This time of year is my favourite, I think its something to do with be able to wrap up in woolies and not worry about pasty legs and arms on! Today has made me feel all warm and cosy, the weather here in Cardiff is awful, so I am very grateful that I dont have to go anywhere. My older two are at their dads and my step son is coming tomorrow, so it just me and the little one (who has only just got dressed) as hubby is currently on a golf course playing a 36 hole final, so rather him than me, he text me before he started to say that the other fella is in a green v neck with a white polo top same as him and they have the same golf bag and putter, what must they look like!!
We now have a teenager in the house hold as my step son turned 13 this week, he is such a laid back boy, a real joy to have around and the other boys adore him, although I dont know how cool it is for your 5 year old brother to kiss and hug

a huge big thankyou to Mary (mary poppins ) for my award, if you haven't read her blog pop over right now as its gorgeous!
I'm going to award this to......
everyone who reads my blog, as you all leave such lovely comments so please feel free to award it to your self....thankyou

Claire x


MaryPoppins said...

Been looking at your lovely gifts you have for sale :) I wld love the star cookie cutters and the crochet heart if there are any available, i do not have paypal and wondered if there was any other way i could pay you, Many Thanks Mary X

MelMel said...

Hello my dear!
I'm wanting that mug too!
It's fab!
Hope santa pops one in your stocking!
I'm home after dragging poor Olly to more shops!
But then we had to go to B& the balance was reset!
I'm going to put some new pictures on my blog today!

Vintage Tea said...

I just saw the mug recently and thought I'd be happy to find that under the christmas tree!

Mum tells me she's Christmas shopping next week and I'm working on printing off some things I'd like from CK!

Victoria xx

julia said...

Love that mug!
I'm so with you on putting away the pasty legs for winter, I breathe a huge sigh of relief when I can get the boots out again. Auntumn clothes are much more flattering!
Julia xx

mollycupcakes said...

Hello Claire,
I hope you're well and not to cold in this change of weather, wow yes this year has flown by. Yeay! it's Christmas soon. Wonderful time, so magical.
Loving the mug I hope it hops into your Christmas stocking honey.
Many hugs,
Catherine x

prettyshabby said...

brilliant mug! that Emma's definately one of us then!
As for long last I can wear my long coat and hide my big bum again! yay!

Your 'dix' paint name comment made me laugh..we once had to buy a clematis because it was called 'Pink willy'..The boys thought it was hilarious..and yes they must have been about 8 and 9..I have pink willy gracing my garage walls every spring! x
oooh my word verification is 'bamsuch'..sounds like a famous skateborder!

MaryPoppins said...

I hope it is alright am going to send payment to the Address on your web for the cookie cutters and crochet heart
Many Thanks Mary X

Amanda said...

Hehe I have way too many mugs, I don't think T would let me have another one :o( He has promised to buy me a new hot water bottle with fluffy cover for Christmas though so I guess I can't complain!

Glad to know you're able to keep warm and snuggly - much smarter than hubby hehe

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Cool mug but I think I would prefer the best mum one from your shop! trouble is I would have to buy it for myself. I am tempted to buy the friends are like angels one as I think the sentiment is so true.... I have posted a give away on my blog so if you would like a large mural painted on canvas log your comments and see if you are the lucky winner.

Keep warm and best wishes

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

such a cute cup!! I hope you have a fantastic day!! xo Britt :-)

MaryPoppins said...

Thank you for your lovely message, glad it got there safely :)

How kind you are on how I may look, It is my wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks, nine years, so I do feel i look somewhat older than i do in my wedding photographs Lovely to look back on though :) Ohoo would love to get the SJP one

MelMel said...

Evening! Enjoyed Big Cat live and now watching the good Heroes....enjoying grapes while blogging! yummy!

LaundryBasketCase said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Bicester village is good for some bargains, but many of the brands are still too expensive for my budget. The CK, Monsoon, Whistles and The White Company are all worth a visit but even more so after Christmas when everything has been super discounted. There's even a Jimmy Choo shop - but I only look.
PS: You have a lovely kitchen!

Lea said...

Hi sweetie. Thank you for entering my blog layout giveaway.

I just wanted to let you know, you are in fact the winner :-)

If you go to my design blog, and pick from one of the pre-mades, i'll arrange to set it up next week, when we have internet access again.

Take care,
Lea xx

P.S You have a lovely blog xx

MelMel said... are you?
I'm good....tired tho..been a busy weekend! Shocked thats its work tomorrow! I feel as tho i need another day off!

MaryPoppins said...

Your lovely items have come they got there quite quickly I think :) Address is my mums where all my lovelies are at the moment :) and I have come back to Home Sweet Home for a few days so can't wait to get there and open. Many many thanks and thanks for the reassuring comment regarding DH
Mary X

MelMel said...

Hhehhehehehehe.....I love that it with my staff discount when i still worked there...boy i'm going to miss that this year was so handy for buying Christmas presents last year!
So how are you?
Olly is cool!
I love these surprises!
He cooked last night too....bless his good heart!xx

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Claire congrats on the award and there is nothing wrong or uncool about a hug or kiss from your brothers...thats all we seem to do in this house!I do hope you get your Christmas wish mug.
Carol xx

MelMel said...

We did have such a nice evening!
I'm all done for the day, eating choccies now and blogging.....all my jobs are done, so leaves the weekend free for fun...Yippee!
Have good one yourself!xxxx

MaryPoppins said...

Claire at Mums The gifts are beautiful I love them and the extra treats, you are so generous and the hand cream is gorgeous and the chocolates and the beautiful wooden heart, I really didn't want any coppers back, so you are very norty :)

I don't know what to say, would it be alright to give you a kind mention on my blog, as I am really touched by your thoughtfulness

Lots of Love Mary X

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo I would love to have some more of your little crochet hearts, I dont know how many you have but i think make lovely presents for people, if you do have some I am paying P and P :)



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