Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I want to live here!

Now if you are wondering about this gorgeous named place, this is the setting for one of my favourite tv show's , The Gilmore Girls. Its been off air for quite a bit as it has now finished but good old E4 have started re-runs of it, every morning (except weekends). So for the last two weeks I've been taking the boys to school, making a mad dash home, washing and tidying before 9.50 so I can sit down for an hour and lose myself in this fab programme. It's about a mum (Lorilei) and her teenage daughter ( also Lorilei but known as Rori, ) and their lives, not much really happens but I soooo want to be Lorelia's best friend. The setting is gorgeous, the people in it you want to befriend, if you havemy seen it try and catch it, I promise you, you will love it!!
Below are some pics of the main scenery.
Luke's is the sort of coffee shop you want to spend time in drinking lots of hot chocolate and the fact that Luke is yummy helps.

This is Lorilei's house, yes I know you want to be her best friend too....lol

This is the band stand in the centre of the town, its the sort of place I could definatly live in, no I don't mean the bandstand!! Saying that I also want to live in Charlie and Lola's world and Postman Pats..........know what does that say about me........day dreamer. weirdo......or just somewhere safe to raise my boys :) :) :).........Claire xx


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Ok...you have pushed my "weirdo" button! We used to stop everything
each Tuesday night @ 8 to watch the
Gilmore Girls! I love shows like that with a small town, a local hang-out, like October Road & Men in Trees, too (both of which have been cancelled too! :( )
But the GG is by far the best! One day I will get to Port Washington, Conn. (the town that inspired Stars Hollow) Thx for such a fun post! It has put a little skip in my step today! (I have to go spread the word about your post today...I know some other bloggers who will really enjoy this!)

M ^..^

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

O.C. Cottage sent me here! She knows I'm a huge Gilmore Girls fan too! I loved seeing this! I wish I could live there also! I miss Luke!!!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my goodness I absolutely love the Gilmore Girls, I have the dvd boxset too and can just watch it all the time!!!!!

I wish wish wish I could live in Stars Hollow, it is such a pretty town filled with weird and wonderful folk, oh and don't tell my husband but I am completely in love with Luke!!!!

Oh and in the first series was the ever gorgeous Scott Cohen!!! Mmmmmmm!

Love Alison x

Summer by the sea said...

Hiya! - I am not working tomorrow, so I will try and tune in to the Gilmore Girls - the set looks fab - as does your kitchen, cant wait to see it finished! - Natalie x

cd&m said...

Confession I've never seen the Gilmore GIrls! Ooops!
Just wanted to let you know that I've moved the blog over to blogger:


Lucy @ Attic24 said...

OH my goodness, that is so funny Claire as I always say I'd like to Live where Postman Pat lives too! ...ah we are both bonkers LOL!
Have never seen the Gilmore girls but will look out for it now

mollycupcakes said...

I've never seen Gilmore Girls glad I'm not the only one thats missed the boat. lol
OMG your kitchen is looking fabulous hun.
Coffee and cake round yours soon? lol
Many hugs sweetie.
Catherine x

restyled home said...

Okay, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I opened the package you sent me!! Thank you, thank you, thank you...and thank you!! I cannot believe my luck...Marks and Spencer candy (you cannot imagine how much I miss M&S -it closed up shop about 15 years ago or more in my hometown), the lovely sign, the lotion, the postcards, the magazine (aahh) and more!! You are too generous, and if I still had your email address (my husband accidentally deleted some of my mail), I would have thanked you more personally. I so appreciate you sending me such wonderful presents such a long distance, and I will post about it on my blog when I get back from my weekend away.

Thanks, Claire!!!

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi message not relating to the post - but next time I am off I will try and see it. Have you ever watched Practical Magic film with Sandra Bullock for a gorgeous town and an even more gorgeous kitchen! Many thanks for the info on the sink and the bathroom I am just going to search the site in my lunch break. You were very kind to reply.

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Claire, I have missed this one too! I never think to turn the tv on that early unless it is to check the news!...boring! I am a big radio fan in the mornings.
Is it still on ?
Carol x

Cherry Menlove said...

I have SERIOUSLY got to get in to the Gilmore Girls!


cammyk said...

I have seen the show just a few times and have loved it. I would love to rent the series on DVD but it would take me forever to watch it.

Your kitchen is coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing finished pics. Have a great day Claire.

Debbie said...

LOL im doing the same each day with the gilmore girls (and one tree hill too as i have a little thing for chad michael murray *swoon* ) LOL
Fab photos and love the kitchen!!

Summer by the sea said...

Ooh Claire, I had forgotton all about Judy Blume - wasn't 'Forever' the really rude one - I think that got passed around the whole of my year group! - there was also 'Deanie' and 'Are you there God, its me, Margaret' i read all her books too and loved them - Natalie x

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I would love to be your neighbor in Stars Hallow. I discovered this brilliant show last summer as they show reruns on the family channel. I can watch it over and over. Sometimes for the decor, sometimes for the storyline and sometimes for the fashion.


Maddy said...

GG is still on here in Aus, it's on at 4.30 Sunday afternoon, just in time for me to sit and fold the weeks washing. I just love the show so much and we still have one entire season to watch here, yeah!

Amanda said...

Oooh I used to watch Gilmore Girls when I was in Germany (never seen it in English tho!) Shame I'm always at work in the mornings as I'd love to watch the re-runs :o(

Gem said...

I'd never see this show before but this post made me look it up on amazon. The box sets are so cheap on there - £9.97 for season 1 and £13.00 for the others. I just received season 1 today and am already hooked! Star's Hollow looks so perfect and Lorelai is really funny. Thanks for the recommendation :)

Joanne said...

I love the Gilmore girls and I'm really annoyed cause I asked hubby to tape it for me today as I work on a wednesday and he forgot. Love the house lots of exciting decorating time ahead.

Clairey said...

Sigh! You can be my best friend and I'll be crazy Lorelai!

I am 100% completely obsessed with the Gilmore Girls!

I say we start as Stars Hollow commune!

C xxxx

Word veri. is suleded. That made me giggle!


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