Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy Independance Day

Happy July 4th to all USA bloggers. My eldest boys year at school are celebrating with you today! They are having an America day, they were allowed to come in their sports wear....I did try and pursuade him to wear his Florida Seminoles American Football Top so he would look the part but I couldn't persuade him, he's in his usual footie top and shorts combo....(I had visions of my boys whilst they were little of dressing them in Boden, Gap etc but alas football tops play a huge part in his wardrobe, the younger two aren't so They are having Amercian food and playing American sports so he was really looking forward to today. Hope you all enjoy your celebrations!
Now my ladies who won my will be pleased to know that I've started rolling them out, the first two have been sent out ( I've done them in the order of winners) and the rest will follow next week!! Sorry ladies!
Below are a few sneaky peaks of the kitchen, its finally been installed by a fantastic kitchen fitter, he worked solidly for three days, he was excellant.
We still have walls to plaster, fit tongue and groove around bottom half (like bathroom), add open shelving on the one side of kitchen......I love Julia's shelving above her cooker in her fab kitchen, I would love that style of shelving but am struggling to find anything local thats similar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This week I recieved a goregous package from Sara @ all about eden, I havent had a chance to take a piccie yet so I will show it in next post.........thankyou Sara.
Hope you all have a fab weekend..........Claire xx


prettyshabby said...

Loving the kitchen so far..we have that worktop and similar cupboards in the garage ready for our so called kitchen renovation! For the open shelving we have now,we bought some of those really cheap £2.99 pine shelves just for the brackets and added some longer planks of wood on the top,they do need some extra sanding though as they are quite basicaly finished, but did the job once painted! (Julias kitchen is my dream kitchen!)

Clairey said...

Oh Claire, your kitchen is going to look amazing! It already looks gorgeous!

Are you going to have any tiles? I have my eye on some from Fired Earth but to do my kitchen I think I will need to sell Matt!! What about flooring?

I absolutely love open shelving in kitchens - what's the point in loads of pretty things that are all hidden behind cupboards?

Sorry I am still quiet, I have been maniacally busy but when the summr hols are upon I will be back to daily blogging!

Erin said...

wow how exciting!!! I love remodels :)

I don't see anyway to email you?

Katherines Dream said...

Hi and thank you stopping by...I have just had a peek at your blog and have to say that I really enjoy watching makers! so I have added you to my's. The kitchen is looking great, I love the colour and style. The bathroom is just wonderful too...just my style again!
Great meeting you.
Carol x

Lucy @ Attic24 said...

Hiya Claire....the kitchen is looking gorgeous, I have to say you have great taste and I am loving seeing your pics as the house evolves.

I have just come back from the postoffice to collect the Blog Candy parcel you sent...OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! I am in absolute shock, Claire, you are so utterly kind and generous! I was expecting a small little something in a small little packet, not a blooming great cardboard box loaded with deliciousness. I am absolutely speechless tbh, even Little Lady has been exclaiming "oh my God!" as we opened it all, and she's four!
Thank you so very very much, I'll be blogging about it henceforth.
big hugs

Alchamillamolly said...

I love your kitchen - its going to be beautiful. If you have read my blog you will have seen my messy place at the mo but I too am in house for the foreseeable future. what is nicer than a bay windowed semi - they are so homely. You are really bashing on arent you. I have promised myself some new worktops and a sink exactly like yours when we have finished doing the essential ans the we have finished chucking the most awful liquids down the old stainless steel sink and the worktops are black and drive me insane! Your bathroom is so simple and lovely. Our shower is falling apart in the corner at the moment the previous bdoger guy had smeared what is obviouslt a crack in the horrible shower tray with gunge! but there are so many other hurdles to overcome that it wont get done yet. I will be back so much to see your progress - keep going........


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