Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Who's in Your Black Book?

Ladies, I thought I'd share my fave men with you, you know the ones you talk about with your hubbie/partner that you would love to go out with but no in a million years it would never you remenber Ross had THE LIST in Friends and I think thats where it all started. Well apart from my gorgeous hubbie, top of my list is the man above, Jamie Redknapp, I think he soooo gorgeous, I have liked him for so long and at one point when my older two were a lot smaller they used to think he was my boyfriend ( I wish) as I used to have a little pic of him on the fridge, even hubby lets me know when he is on TV. Years ago he did a modelling campaign for Top Man and every morning on my way to work I would pass a huge pic of him in the shop window....boy did he used to wake me up. I love the fact he is happily married STILL to the equally gorgeous Louise, they make such a beautiful couple and I almost feel guilty for lusting after he is currently on the cover of Hello magazine this week!!!
No 2 is Adam Levine from Maroon 5, just moody, yummy and very sexy!
No 3 is John Travolta, now dont laugh, it goes back to when I was 6 and had just seen Grease for the very first time, he was definatly my first crush.
No 4 is Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics, Welsh and gorgeous and I love the gap in his teeth
and finally No 5 is Mike Phillips who is a Welsh rugby player, dark and brooding!
Well looking at that list there is definatly a connection infact they could all be brothers as they are all very dark and I must admit I do like heavy not Mr Bean is dark too. Its funny how I've never really gone for blonde men although having seen the campaign David Beckham did for Armani recently he could definatly push one of my top 5 share with us your top 5...........Claire


Gem said...

Oooooh this is good topic for a post! My top 5 (at the moment!) is as follows:
1. Jake Gyllenhaal
2. Rupert Penry Jones
3. Brad Pitt
4. Ben Sheppard off GMTV
5. I don't know his name but the guy who plays Jack on Eastenders! Lush :)
My boyfriend gets all huffy when the telly's on!

Gem said...

I think Attic 24 was the blog that started my obsession with crochet! I saw her hexagon blanket and that was it! lol :)

Summer by the sea said...

Hiya Claire - I definitely go for dark men too, and I don't like them too scrawny either!
Thanks for comments on my last post - I am happy to make you one of those signs for your kitchen - what colour would you like?
Natalie x
P.S. - That fabric is still available, but I don't know for how much longer - I will find out and let you know!

Clairey said...

Hun, you're right this is my kind of post and I am about to do my own. Sigh - Clairey loves handsome men!

Clairey xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

I go for a mixture between dark men and blonde men ~ am I just greedy!??! I may have to do this on my blog too, tee hee.
Love Alison x

Amanda said...

Oh I had to comment on this one :o)

I definately go for dark haired men too - light hair just doesn't do it for me! My list would definately have David Tennant (as the Dr of course - I must say a sense of fun, intelligence and enthusiasm for what you do are the biggest turn-ons for me!!) My first ever crush (aged about 6) was Will Riker from Star Trek *blushes* - well I was only 6!!

julia said...

I'm with you on John Travolta!
Thanks for your comments, you asked about the rice bowls, they're from a company called Octopus, who have a few shops dotted about. I bought mine in Carnaby Street, their phone no. is 020 7087 3921, I don't think they have a website yet. Hope this helps
Julia x

Lesley said...

Hi there - thanks for visiting my blog!! Ive added you to my fav's hope thats ok :-)
I like this post ! I dont think I could choose 5 though :-S I do remember the Friends episode though (a Friends fanatic Im afraid!)I will probably spend a sleepless night now trying to come up with my top 5! worse ways to spend a night though LOL
Lesley x

Vanessa said...

Oh George Clooney is still near the top of my list, those eyes make me knees go funny. I wish he was my doctor like in ER, but without the injury needed.

Rupert Penry Jones is there too. I also have a thing for Jamie Rednapp. My 1st real crush was Lee Sharp from Man United I used to kiss his photo every night before I went to bed. My best friends husband is called Lee Sharp, how strange!!

Just sort of someone else the coloured guy from Hussle Adrian Lester!

I think my list could go on with more thought but I will stop there.

Vanessa x

mollycupcakes said...

Well I have a real thing for Mr Depp. And Russel Brand, I know not everyones cup of tea but there is just something about him. He's such a big tease and can woo anyone lol he could woo me hehe!
But top of my list is my man Ben. I do have thing for guys with long dark hair and eyes, something mysterious and moody about them all.
I'm going to have sweet dreams tonight lol
Catherine x

Jennifer said...

Adam is my #1, isn't he great, I love his voice too. I am going to see them again in September.


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