Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Whats Your Music?

Evening Ladies, well after a fab half term week with the boys, things are getting back to normality here, we didnt end up going to the Cotsowlds after as we thought going to Bourton On The Water to buy a football from the lovely toy shop was prehaps a bit too far (Masons idea...bless him) we ended up going to Slimbridge Wetlands Centre which is situated not too far away from junction 17 (I think ) on the M5. Its a great place to go with children and there are some beautiful birds to see and some very stinky cranes and flamingoes (who always remind me of Miami Vice :) ) of course the purchase of a football was soon forgotten as do we really need another one when there are twenty in the back garden!!

I've been charging up my ipod today and adding new music and thought I would give you a list of the artists and bands on there, talk about eclectic but I suppose thats what its all about, hubby has a serious love of music so we have millions of CD's, I love the fact the boys already have a wide selction of music taste, Louie's fave at the mo is Kiss as long as he doesnt want to wear make up like Isnt it amazing how one piece of music can take you right back to a special momement.......sigh!!!
Here goes, in alphabetical order of course :
Arctic Monkeys
Basement Jaxx
Bee Gees
Beverly Knight
Crazy Town
The Cult
Darren Hayes
Duran Duran
Erykha Badu
Foo Fighters
George Michael
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
Green Day
Groove Armarda
Guns n Roses
Gwen Stefani
Hard Fi
Human League
Jack Johnson
The Jam
James Morrison
Jocelyn Brown
Jose Gonzales
Justin Timberlake
KC and the Sunshine Band
Kaiser Chiefs
Kanye West
Kenny Loggins (Footloose man)
The Killers
Kings of Leon
Kool and the Gang
Limp Bizkit
Lost Prophets
Manic St Preachers
Mary J Blige
No Doubt
Paul Weller
Queens of the Stone Age
Ray LaMontagne
Red Hot Chillis
Scissor Sisters
The Script (love these at mo)
Stevie Wonder
Take That (sigh)
Thin Lizzy
The Ting Tings
The White Stripes
Zero 7
Hello anyone still awake?? Now some of these are just one song and not the whole album, isnt that great you can just download what you like as its not often that you like all the songs on an album is it!!
Now whats on yours??
Claire xx


lou said...

I think you have got my ipod missy, I got so excited I was shouting out I’ve got that one and that one all the way through your list.
The only one I don’t like but hubby does is George Michael, but I loved Wham, I always had them playing on my personal stereo with my roller boots on.
I really enjoyed that post I love music…love Lou xxx
P.S thanks for helping yesterday, I am now in Mel’s club… :0)

thriftymrs said...

Some nice tunes on your ipod.
I am a bit of an indie nerd. Most of the bands I like have never been heard of! Lol.
Although I do have room for TT and Girls Aloud. ;)

Shabby Chick said...

You've got some great stuff on there. I am a bit rubbish and 20th century as I don't even have an ipod or MP3 player! There is a personal CD player hiding somewhere but I never get a chance to listen to it. The only time I get to listen to music is in the car and it's always hubby's choice as it's his car... and we are talking early 90's rave here :-/

Mel xxx

Surfer Rosa said...

That's quite a range of music!! I've probably got about half to 3/4of those on my iPod too. I like indie/rock mostly. My favourite band is Pixies. My blog title 'Surfer Rosa' is one of their albums - I use this as my etsy/ebay handle too and people assume I'm some surfer dude but I'm like the Beach Boys in that I've never surfed!! Oh - I like their music too.

Clairey said...

You have great taste in music Claire.

Keep me updated on the kitten situation. She sounds adorable. Any thoughts on the name? Miss Tumnus?

Claire xx

Blueberry Heart said...

what a great selection you have on there! I find my taste is getting more and more varied/obscure as I get older. I'm off to see Metallica next week(cant WAIT!!) and I have Kylie cd in the car and Abba in the living room!
Thanks for your message in my blog comments, if MelMels reading please do get in touch!!

MelMel said...

Hi BH....phew there you are!
Sorry for the dreadful mix up!

The very kind Claire has offered to email me your details....:>)))xx

MelMel said...

Loving the kittens many are you getting!?

Have fun day!xxxx

Blueberry Heart said...

Hi there, thanks for the message! I'm just about to email you! Thanks

Rosesposes said...

Love the tunes!I wish i could set up a decent playlist on my blog too.
By the way I am making my blog private can you send me your email address so I can add you so you can visit me in my new home!
Only I will see your email address
x Dom

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh i heart my ipod too !!! mine is slightly eclectic really :-S
barry manilow/michael buble/take that (of course ;-) ) sterophonics/ the killers etc plus lots lots more with many the same as you :-)
re your comment - both the dotty items and the ribbon were purchased in little shops in knutsford - the lady in the shop with spotty items said the range had been discontinued which is a shame as one of her best sellers !! they had loads of different things in it as well but i was quite restrained ;-)
Lesley x
ps - hope your better!

MelMel said...

We share some music tastes!

Thank you for the lovely comment...I'm excited but nervous too....I'm sure I'll be ok, feel like its my fist day at school coming up!

Pegrails are so useful!xxxx

Rosesposes said...

Hi Claire
Thanks for dropping in and saying hi! and visiting me in my new home. I know what you mean about the blog thing. Its different us lot as we are dotted over the uk!. Its like pen pals. I know a few friends had been reading my blog and then it sort of spread from there and to be honest I just wanted it to be my bloggy mates. I didnt give any one my blog address and I have always referred to my blog so its down to me really. Someone asked to see my blog and I showed them, and clicked off on their computer only to find that they had been back through their history and found me!. Had me saved to their desktop . I guess it was too close to home for me, its not so bad in blogland as everyone is miles apart!. Then one of my friends said you have had a quiet week this week, I guess it felt a bit like being watched!!Even though my friends are my friends, its like having a diary not too personal though(sure no one want to know I need to wax my blonde moustache every month!!!!!!). Besides I might need to moan about them one day in it!!!only joking , but you never know!
Its quite easy to become private on your blog though you just go to settings and select permissions and invite people add their bits

sorry I have gone on and on xx Dom

Tabiboo said...

Hi Claire, just wanted to say thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, Tabitha is lovely, but a handful!!

As for waffles I use the 'Waffle and Pancake' book by Kate Habershon for both waffles and American pancake recipes, but if it's just the recipe your after there are lots of them on the internet. Hope that helps,

take care,

Nina x

Clairey said...

Orange and Mango! You strange lady - it should always be minty fresh!

Any kitty news?
Clairey xxx

prettyshabby said...

Hi Claire, thanks for your messages lately..these boys are scary creatures when they get older!

Crikey thats a real mix of music,
I'm not cool enough for an ipod but I do have some very odd songs stored on the computer amongst the better ones.. including (cringe) Jake the peg by Rolf Harris. hmmmm nice.
my youngest son Harry, loves eighties music at the moment, its really strange hearing some of the oldies again coming from his ipod.
x word verification is 'ballsi' how odd when you were saying about spooky!

Amanda said...

I love seeing what other people listen to!!

I had a friend make me a cd compilation of songs that meant something to me before I stole T's ipod lol so I could listen to them and she also sent me a "dance" cd which was heavily influenced by her growing up in the 70s, which can I say I LOVED (shame I was born in the 80s huh - no I love 80s music too!), and a "don't worry, be happy" cd which had my alltime favourite "Bulbous bouffant" or however you spell it by Dr Demento... loved it!!

lou said...

He is lovely, but I would say that!!! :0)
I hope you have got the sun there today it is lovely here, have a fab day!
Thanks for your lovely comment…love from the geek!!! ;0)

Lucy said...

Love your music list. I'm completely addicted to my ipod. I sometimes think me and my ipod are going to become surgically attached to one another! Love your blog. Lucy xxxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

hi there just thought i would pop by and say hello!!!

could you send me your address again please as being completely dis organised have lost it !!!

hope everyone ok :-)
lesley x

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Claire

I'm probably just being an interfering whatnot but I just thought I'd come by and see if you're OK as you've been so quiet! Are you alright lovely?

Mel xxx

Shabby Chick said...

I'm really glad you're alright, thanks for replying so quick! Aww how cute to have a kitten :)

Take care, Mel xxx

Clairey said...

Oh honey I can't wait to see pictures of Daisy! We're loving the idea of a lady friend for Mr. Tumnus!

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Clairey xxx

word veri. is numnut! Snigger.

lou said...

Thanks so much for your comment; I am sat here having a few more tears reading all the sweet comments, happy tears!
I hope you and the boys are ok, you have been very quiet, I was going to leave you a comment to see if you were ok, I was thinking of you on mother’s day, I hope you had a lovely day with the boys.
Love Lou xxx

MelMel said...

How are you?
Been watchinh heroes...getting odder and odder!

Apparently my blog has not been updating on ppl's sidebars...sorry about that!

Really lovely of you to pop by and say hi!xxxx


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