Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Well I Was Begining To Feel Left Out!

This is what we woke up to yesterday, much to the dissapointment of the boys, the last few years is has snowed in the UK, Cardiff always seemed to get past by! It looks like I've got the sieve and caster sugar out!!

Today we woke up to this, no it is by no means as much as the rest of the country but it certainly made the walk to school a lot more fun!! Lots of snow ball fights (just as well I took extra uniform for them to change into) and me falling over as usual, the boys quite happily remind me the last time it snowed I fell then...thankyou!! Our school did open much to the dissapointment of the boys, I dont think there will be much left by the time I pick them up as the sun is out and I can see drips on the roofs and chairs in the garden!
I have been tagged by Bluberry Heart, to choose the 4th file in my picture section then choose the 4th picture, here it is, it s not very exciting is it? It was one of Steve's christmas pressies last year. I would like to say I bought it in New York as that would of meant I'd been again, but no, it was from the lovely shop Redwood Bay in Bath!
I have to tag 4 other people, so I will choose,
Amanda - Dream of Living
Clairey - Nothing Will Go Wrong
Sarah - Miss Sew n Sew
Alison - Vintage Amethyst

Have lots of fun in the snow...........Claire xx


MelMel said...

Tis snowtastic!

Lovely garden hun!

The cup is wonderful, bet you can get a good hot chocolate in there! yippee!

Have lovely day!xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

haha i had visions of you running out with a sieve shouting "more caster sugar! more caster sugar!" glad you got some snow :-)
Lesley x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I think you might get a little more snow, mind you the suns out here and it is all starting to thaw!

Glad you got some though!


Vintage Tea said...

Oh what a lovely cup! i'm missing NY big time... mum and I keep looking at flights deciding whether to book up!

Victoria xx

Mamma Lalla said...

So beautiful - enjoy the snow! It is something we very rarely see in South Africa. Regards L

MelMel said...

Hello hun!
Thats so kind of you...:>)))
Such a shame we can't all take over a stret or small village and live near each other.....fun times!


Surfer Rosa said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
It was such a coincidence as I had also clicked through from Ludabelle into your blog and it looks great so I'd bookmarked it to read tonight.


lou said...

Aww bless I hope the boys will have some snow left for when they get home from school!
We have still got lots but we have had some rain aswell, now it’s snowing again, crazy weather!
Love Lou xxx

thriftymrs said...

Great snowy photos.

MaryPoppins said...

Lovely snowy photographs :)

The children have been given a trampoline for Christmas from a very dear friend, I am yet to see it yet but i know it is 10 foot and has a saftey net, I thought it may swamp our garden, and obviously don't know how big yours is though i think your trampoline looks very similar and it looks lovely. Can't wait to D and O jumping on it in the summer :)

I am going to have a lovely green and Blacks hot chocolate, your beautiful mug and plate present, ohooo could get a few choccy biscuits on there too, has inspired me :)

Thank you for your encouraging comments


Vintage Tea said...

Hi Claire, yep i was back at work today worst luck, would've loved a day at home to potter again!

Victoria x

Carol said...

Glad that you got some too, I have been wishing for real snow for years, this has been wonderful even if the rest of the world have been laughting at us failing to cope!
Carol xx

MelMel said...

Thank you hun....x

MaryPoppins said...


Thank you so, so much for your lovely comments, i shall so enjoy coming here on my little holiday :)


Summer by the sea said...

We have had hardly any snow either! If its gonna snow you want proper 'batten down the hatches and snuggle up inside snow' don't you? - Natalie x

Miss sew n sew said...

Thanks for tagging me I will do it in my next post! Our snow has nearly all melted today as weve finally seen some sunshine here in Derbyshire it was good fun though while it lasted and was so pretty!

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Hi Claire, Pop over to my blog and pick up your award :)

Love Happy xx

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Hi Claire...No I meant you chick...I have been looking around in blog land last week and found your blog and loved it so much that i decided to give you this award :)

Love happy xx

MelMel said...

Hello sweetie....
I'm so chuffed to be able to see...I'm surprised that NHS glasses ahve come such a long way...:>)

I'm watching Phil Spencer do his stuff, blimey....bit of a hunk...looks EVEN better with my new specs!

Have you been watching Lost?

saraeden said...

My lovely swap package has arrived ... thank you sooooo much it is all so lovely x x x

Sara x

buttercup & roses said...

Hey hunny, thankyou for welcoming me back, Im looking foward to catching up with your posts...
Your garden looks beautiful, we didnt have much snow in the garden so had to walk up on the hills to build our snowman!! Jen xxx


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