Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tag, who's next??

I've been tagged by the fab Sairer at Vintage, Pretty and Shabby so whilst I'm in blogging mode I'm doing it right NOW!!!
What Was I Doing 10 years Ago
Hmmm, I was still married to my ex husband, no children (although fell pregnant that year with my oldest) working full time as a beauty consultant for Clinique, I think we had not long moved into the house where it was to be my two older boys home until I got divorced and yes the house needed loads doing to it...lol.

5 Things On My To Do List
OH Where do i start:
1: Sort out my huuuuge pile of ironing that never seems to get to the end

2: Lose weight (always on my to do list)

3: Update my website - have been very lazy with this

4: Start sorting out each room ready for the move

5: Look at breeders for Dashaunds as we are hoping to get one once we are settled in the new house.

5 Snacks I Enjoy (only 5...see no 2 above)

Chocolate - doesn't help when you have a dad with a newsagents!!

Toast and Marmite (+ cheese makes a fab toastie now and again)

Tortilla Chips or Small Poppadoms (M and S do them) with sour cream and chive dip

Danish Pastries

Used to be Fab Lollys until I discovered Nobbly Bobbly's (fab name or what) -a whole ice lolly covered in hundrends and thousands.

Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionare or is it a Billionare these days.....Millionare would do!!

The usual.....pay off mortgatge
sort out my dad with a place for him
as well as my close family and friends

Rather than donate money to charity I would go to them and ask them what they needed and then I would buy it as I personally believe a lot of the money given gets swallowed up and not given to the correct people but that is just my view. My first choice would be to a kidney charity as mum had two transplants so it enabled us to spend extra years with her.

Set up funds for my children for when they were college or working age.

I think I might have to treat myself to an Aston Martin - any type just love them and of course hubby could have his dream car too.

Own a lifestyle shop selling everthing I love, it would have a deli, icecream parlour, home and garden section, somwhere where I knew all my customers names, a shop mothers and daughters would want to visit, where children could spend their pocket money.........I think I'm daydreaming out loud...lol

Places I've Lived

Cardiff....thats it, I've moved around there but I love my city and am very happy where I am.

I will TAG the following:

Attic 24

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Racing Girl

Restyled Home

The Vintage Pearl


Clairey said...

I will post this evening - off for a day of shopping! Thanks for tagging me.

Boooooooo my word verification is boring.

Clairey xxx

prettyshabby said...

mmmmm chocolate...a girl after my own heart! Totally agree with the charity thing..we get so much junk through the mail with a free pen or suchlike asking for money and I often wonder how much this all costs..the big charities are really bad for it.
I meant to leave a message on your last post (I'm terrible at having a read then clearing off without a comment)anyway, I LOVE the look of your house, that window, the front door..the floor, even under the dust!! It's going to be so fab, I love the way the front door is at a right angle to the stairs..do you think that's vintage feng shui ?!!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Lovely to find out more about you.
love Alison x

restyled home said...

Yikes...I'll get to that as soon as I can...but I am very boring, so I will likely repel my blog visitors with tidbits about me!!

BY the way, I love the idea of your lifestyle shop!!


Clairey said...

Goodness me I want a Nobbly Bobbly!

You have no idea how much I am chuckling.


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