Monday, 19 May 2008


I did promise to blog about the new house tonight but I've just looked for some pics and they are all too dark, so I will take some more tomorrow .....basically the house looks like a building site, its currently being rewired so all the walls have been chased and with it being a 1930's house its that awful black dust that has covered every inch of the house.....the new kitchen is currently residing in the front living room, the new bathroom laid in the boys room.. stripped bare walls waiting to be plastered, the floor in the old part of the kitchen hastobelevelled with the newer part as it has dropped. The only new thing to be put in is a new toilet in the downstairs cloakroom! I realise blogging about this without photos is boring so I will pop some on tomorrow so you can see it in all its taking longer than we thought so it looks like we will be moving in around July.......more tomorrow.....claire


Clairey said...

I am SO jealous of your new kitchen and bathroom! Can't wait to see pictures. Clairey xxx

I have a naughty word verification!

Miss sew n sew said...

Sounds like you've been busy we had to gut our old house we enjoyed starting from scratch and putting our own stamp on it.Look forward to the photos and seeing your progress!

prettyshabby said...

wow, sounds like lots of work is being done on the house! We had to live in our grotbox whilst it was being done..not nice and never again! can't wait to see some pictures..even if it is the humble downstairs loo!! nice to have you back blogging,sounds like you've been missed!

ps lovely pay it forward goodies too!

Lucy @attic24 said...

ooo can't wait to see pics, I'm so excited for you and a little jealous, our house-renovations have barely started, it'll be years before it's all done!
Yes, you were missed Claire, very glad to have you back and looking forward to more housey-stuff.

julia said...

Glad to have you back, and with such a lot of exciting stuff going on! I loved the building phase of our kitchen, I found it thrilling to see tha changes every day. Can't wait to see some pics.
Julia x

Brenda said...

So I came here looking for lovely photos to lift my grotty day but there are none!!! Sounds like a lot is all going on at once, hopefully it's not too stressful, enjoy it though because it can be a lot of fun. It's great to have you back, looking forward to more posts.

mollycupcakes said...

It all sounds great can't wait to see the photos honey.
Glad it's all going to plan for you.
Home sweet home x

Catherine x

prettyshabby said...

hello again..just to let you know Ive tagged you..sorry I know youre busy with the new house and all that but if you do want to play along the 5 questions are over at my blog x


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