Sunday, 9 March 2008

New house to be... pics...before

We took the boys to see the house for the first time yesterday, so i quickly took a few shots around it.....I love this front door, its going to be painted green, haven't decided which shade yet!!The youngest one taking a pic with his pretend phone......note the fab carpet!!!

Dining room.....again check out the carpet, even though it's all 70's carpet throught the house, the condition of it is amazing, luckily all the downstairs has woodblock flooring underneath the carpets. Fireplace will be going, its identical to the one in living room,

Very child friendly doors....not

View down kitchen to back door...

view up kitchen to hall, it's a very long kitchen so we can fit table in space as seen above, all the units will be ripped out and replaced.

hall, stairs and landing carpet.....need i say anymore

I really like this landing window, although its not original it matches the one in the hall

even more amazing carpet, in my oldest boys room to be

fab tiles in bathroom, think they are known as chick tiles as you can make one out on each tile.

Are you jealous??
So yes we have our work cut out, luckily we are staying put here until the main things have been done.
Having a great weekend so far, Wales won the triple crown in rugby and fingers crossed they will win the 6 nations ( not sure they will beat France but are way ahead with points diffrence ) and Cardiff have just got through to semi finals of FA cup for the first time in about 90 years!!! Can you tell I like sport?


Clairey said...

You have some fab carpet there and it really does look pristine!

I bet you will have it looking amazing - we need to hear what you have planned.

I am so loving this homely game!

cd&m said...

Love that front door!
Bit of a 6 Nations widow right now, England obviously don't stnad a hope in hell so rooting for Wales!

Jasminé said...

Oh its so exciting that you will be moving into your new house, and although the refurbishing is a lot of hard work, its lovely to see your new home transforming into something you love and you have created!
I like the front door, and the whole house has real potential, please keep taking pics of it as it develops, I'm so curious to see!

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Claire - I also love the front door, I'm sure it will look lovely green although I also like the black. That bathroom suite is funky! - I actually get people coming into my shop asking where they can buy a coloured suite as not many companies manufacture them now, I wonder why? You might be able to sell it on! - Yes you do have a lot of work to do but you are lucky that you don't have to live amongst it while it is being done! - thank you for your kind comments about my shop - Natalie x

Lucy said...

ooooooooo those carpets are making my eyes go funny!
What fantastic potential you have in that house, yes a lot of work, but I am SO going to enjoy following your progress as you make it your home....take loads of pics and tell us all about what you have planned, can't wait, very excited for you!

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Hi, just discovered your blog, I've enjoyed reading your posts so far and I'm looking forward to reading more about your new has great potential, that kitchen is a good size and yes I'm very jealous of your bathroom. I spotted the chicks n the tiles :)

prettyshabby said...

The New house looks like it will be great to renovate! I love seeing the before pictures..never knew about the chick in those tiles.. well I never, I can see them now! My parents had them in the advocado colourway in the 70's..eugh!

Amanda said...

lol I cannot wait to see what you do with this place - I think it will look gorgroues once you've finished with it! But please, no more before pictures of the carpet - it makes me feel like I'm high or something!!!

Sal said...

Wow..I had those 'chick' tiles in my first house, back in 1977!!
I was told that they are supposed to all face the same way!
The carpet is ;-)Sal x

Erin said...

Thanks so much for visiting!

Can't wait to see your after pics, I love remodels!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Eeek! Our house was very much the same and we have totally renovated, it was full of lovely original features though luckily, so we of course fell in love with it!
I do love that front door, so pretty.
love Alison x

Brenda said...

Yay, more house photos! Between you and Clairey I'm getting my house fix this week. LOVE those carpets!!! The house looks a good size, especially the kitchen, bet you end up spending loads of time in there as a family once it's done.

Love the from door and the upstairs window 9See my blog for why!), quite art deco in it's way.

Take loads of before photos then put up side by side comparisons of the changes as they occur.

Hope you'll all be very happy in the new house,

Alison Boon said...

I don't know what to comment on first. Such colours, patterns and designs. Lucky you. Enjoy the hard work!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Suddenly our 1960s inherited carpets which we still haven't got round to removing look almost nice!!!! I'm longing for the day we can replace the lot but we just don't seem to be able to get round to it. Hope you don't have to live with yours for as long!


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