Monday, 10 March 2008

which celeb do you look like??

This website is great fun, click to find who your lookalike is!! I can't fit it all in, the one you can't see is Ashley Judd!! I'm very pleased with mine, there were two others I could of shown one was Jackie Onassis (!!) and a lady I have never seen before!!! I'm going to try it with another piccie to see if the same pics come back!! Have fun and don't forget to post them xx


Kathy said...

Hello, Love this link ... apparently I look like Dan Quayle and Joan Collins!!!!!! Hilarious. I think I will try another photo. Kathyx PS. Sorry, did you tag me? If so, which should I do - sorry not to have done it before, I have been rather behind in blogworld!

cd&m said...

Looks like fun, I'll have to have a go later.

Vintage Amethyst said...

OOh fab, you got lots of lovely ladies didn't you, well you are so pretty so of course you would! I love Kimberly Williams!
Love Alison x

shabby chic said...

Hi that is a great website I came up as fernadez someone !and Molly ringwold!!
Ps your house your moving too looks great lots of space and lots of potential, I bet you cant wait. Front door is lovely too
How exciting I bet you have lots of plans and ideas

Katherines Dream said...

What great fun...I cannot wait to have a go!
You did come out good!
Carol x

mollycupcakes said...

Wow hun I've missed a couple of posts.
Good to catch up, oh my god! the house will be amazing and is so very cool right now with it's funky carpets and bathroom lol
Good luck with it all, can't wait to see the finshed home.
Right I'm off to play wiht this celeb face thingy. It says I look the most like Elisha Cuthbert from Love Actually lol yer! I wish Ah!

Catherine x

Erin said...

You are so pretty!

One of mine was Billy Crystal! ACK!


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