Thursday, 27 March 2008

Im In Love

This car is the most adorable thing ever, its a Luigi 500, hubby actually wants it too.
He loves his cars and tends to change them every year, currently he has a Chrylser Cruiser, I hate driving it as it's a proper mans car...yuk, the fiat 500 is much cheaper and has a really low insurance on it, so we just have to have it don't we!! Now we are arguing over who will drive it if we do get one, we both like the cream coloured one but I want to have it as my car, I have a Honda FRV which is much more suitable for a man to drive than a Fiat 500, don't you agree!!!!


Kathy said...

Hi Claire, Thank you so much for my goodies, I really appreciate it, it was such good timing this morning! My mum had one of these cars the first time round when I was little, it was a fab Kingfisher blue colour, next time I am at Mum's I will see if I can take a picture of the picture?!eh?!! Can you help and give me the lowdown on putting the logo award for The One In A Million Friend Award on to my blog? From the postmark on the parcel I see you are in South Wales, maybe one day in the near future we could meet up at Cribbs/Ikea - oh, gosh, do I sound like a Stalker?! Kathyx PS Don Quayle or Joan Collins??!!

Summer by the sea said...

Hiya! - thanks for your comments - 8yr old is much better (YOU know what boys are like!) he is running round demented today so I can officially say I think he is better! - Yes the wallpaper is Laura Ashley (Summer Palace) although it is duck egg blue, it has a fair bit if pink in it and the other 3 walls are painted pink so it still looks girly - Natalie x P.S - Love the car!

shabby chic said...

I love the car it looks lovely and zippy great for parking.
I like the Stuart little cars! cant remember what they are called and those mini van thingys!. I will just have to settle for our little clio! its only 2 door and rather annoying having to pull the seats forward so the kiddies can get in especially as one of the seats gets stuck all the time!

Curlew Country said...

Hello Claire

Thanks for popping by, what a gorgeous car. I can love to pootle about it that
Actually I'm not so far from Ashbourne, about 8 miles. I think where your friend lives is the the other side from us. It is a lovely place and I always treat myself to a day on my own Christmas shopping in Ashbourne because its just so festive. Hope you get up here with your boys. lots to see and do. Have a samshing weekend,.

Vintage Amethyst said...

It looks like a little cutie of a car.
Love Alison x

Jasminé said...

Very cute car.
Sorry for being such a stranger- my hubby has been away and I have been up to my eyeballs!
THANK YOU THANK YOU for my lovely award!!!
I am so excited, its my first award and I wear it very proudly on my blog!
I added you to my list of fave blogs after meaning to do it for ages.
Thanks again love, you are so sweet

Brenda said...

Brenda says "get one each"!!!

prettyshabby said...

oh cute!..I like these retro cars they seem to be doing again lately, I'd like one of those two tone pastel ones (nissan figaro)dont quite think i'll get a mower in it though... let us know if you do get a fiat and what colour you went for wont you!

mollycupcakes said...

Cute car, does it come in pink? lol


Catherine x

shabby chic said...

Hi Claire,
The paint was a Period crown colour for interior wood & metal(not smelly paint in the least). It is called flagon or flavon . I used every single drop up and had thrown pot away!. It really covered well and would totally recommend. I am keeping my doors now! before i wanted to throw them on a bonfire!.
ps let me know if you want to do the pay it for challenge too?!

x Dominique

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hi, me again. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your lovely message about my website.
Love Alison x

cd&m said...

Of course you have to have the fiat!


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