Saturday, 1 March 2008

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus

Or in English...Happy St Davids Day, today in Wales it is St Davids (Dewi Sant) Day, the patron saint of Wales. He was a 6th centuary monk, who became a priest and eventually a saint. There are lots of celebrations that go on on Wales to celebrate it, mainly in Schools, yesterday the boys school had an Eisteddford which is a Welsh festival of music, poetry, cooking and making things which are related to all things Welsh. Only my youngest one wanted to do something this year, and the theme was 'Links' , so clever daddy came up with the idea of the Doctor Who Tardis and covered it in things that are popular in Wales like rugby balls, daffodils ( Welsh flower symbol) and the Welsh flag.....and it came 2nd. So daddy was well pleased. For those of you who are wondering where the Dr Who Tardis comes into it, Dr Who is filmed mainly in Cardiff and surrounding areas, they have filmed quite a bit in my part of Cardiff, so as you can imagine its a huge hit in our friend who lives next door to the house we are buying picked her children up from me a few weeks ago and said they had to rush home as they were filming at the end of the road and they saw Catherine Tate. I'll let you know if they ever knock on my door requesting to use my


Clairey said...

Belated happy St Davids Day!

mollycupcakes said...

Happy belated St David's Day honey, sounds like you all had a great time.


Catherine x

Summer by the sea said...

Sounds like the welsh make a real celebration of St. Davids Day - unlike the English, I bet most English school children don't even know St George's Day exists - Hope you had a relaxing Mothers Day, and those boys spoilt you! - Natalie x

Claire said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - it's appreciated. It's suprising just how many people understand from their own experiences. Your blog and website are lovely, and daft as it sounds, it's nice to hear from another Claire! x

shabby chic said...

Hello there hope you had a lovely st davids day. Your boys are very handsome little boys, and I can really see you look a lot like the littlest one with those beautifull eyes that you both have.

thanks for dropping in
X Dominique


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