Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Hi everyone, just to let you know that I've put a lot of items from my boutique on sale, check out http://www.patsibea.co.uk/ for some great bargains xx


cd&m said...

What a gorgeous shop!

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi there, just came across your blog via buttercups and roses,you look lovely and very happy with those gorgeous boys of yours. I have lived in Roath, Cardiff and was brought up in the valleys. I now live in the cotswolds.I've been trying to find your name, or are you called Serendipity?lol. Best Wishes from Annie x

Jasminé said...

Hello there!
I have just come across your blog..drawn in by the title!
Finally - someone who feels the same about NYC as I do.
I went in 1995 for a month, we stayed with people in New Jersey, but caught the path train in everyday to the World Trade Centre. I totally fell head over hills in love with the place, and not a day goes by that I don't dream of going back...
I know i will one fine day!
Lovely blog

Summer by the sea said...

Hi there, thanks for your kind comments on my blog - I love your shop, I will definitely be visiting once I get paid! Your boys are lovely, and when I read your description of your 7 & 9 yr olds - you could have been describing my boys down to a tee (mine are 8 and 10). I also love NYC - we went just before christmas 2005 for our wedding anniversary, it was freezing, so I would love to go again, this time in the Summer - I am sure it will be different again! Take care and look forward to seeing some more pics soon - Natalie x

Jasmine said...

Hi, me again!
Thank you for the comment on my blog..
just a strange coincidence, - I worked at Monsoon for 15 months as well!
I will have a look at your shop this weekend!
Enjoy your weekend,x


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