Thursday, 10 January 2008


I discovered blogging ( only years after everyone else ) by accidently finding myself in a fab girls website, her name is Cherry and as a lot of you know has a blog Tales From Pixie Wood and also a fabulous forum that I just love popping in and out of leaving my thoughts and comments. From this we have been discussing our word for 2008 and mine is going to be CONTENMENT, I've finally discovered after years of searching for things to make me happier, I am content, I'm surrounded by my beautiful boys and gorgeous husband and that is all that really matters, hopefully I will continue to feel like it.


Kris said...

Hi Claire!
I came here via Cherry's forum. I'm happy to add you to my blogroll and would be happy for you to add me to yours. I am known as Rosemaryhill on Cherry's forum (a reference to my blog name). If you want some guidance on posting photos etc email me and I'd be happy to email you some instructions!

Amanda said...

Whoooo hello and welcome to the world of blogging - foung your link on Cherry's forum and am happy to have a new link to add to my blogroll (I shall do so tonight when I have time... I should really be in the shower right now getting ready for work lol!)

Brenda said...

Hello Claire-
More greetings from Cherry's Forum. I love reading blogs so the more the merrier in my opinion! Have fun blogging.

Brenda (Racing Girl)


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