Monday, 5 April 2010

How Many Times Have You Moved?

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Happy Easter everyone, hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend!!

Do you have the urge to keep moving house or are you settled in your current home? Im just curious as I would love to know what you love about your home and why you choose to stay there as moi can't seem to settle. Im not planning on moving from this house (much to hubby's relief) just yet.........yes I know I did say in previous post that this would be our forever home but I seem to get to about two years into a home and get an urge to move again! Why is this I wonder!! This current house we have renovated from top to bottom and we have deorated it to how we want our dream house to be but still I feel that urge again!!
Previous to this house we rented what I actually think might be my forever home but it wasn't for sale, even after two years of not living there I still can't drive past the road without feeling jealous as I want it back!!!! I've heard through the grape-vine that the owners are considering selling it maybe next year which has got me thinking how much I would love to buy it and dream how I could make it look!!
I left my parents to live with my first husband at 21 and since then have moved 7 times, the only house I keep thinking of is the rented one but is it fair to uproot the boys again. We have fantastic neighbours, it is a lovely home in a lovely road so why can't I settle????? Answers on a!!!

Claire xx


Amanda said...

My mum and dad moved a lot, even after I left home. Each house needed renovation (dad is/was a builder) and even now in their mid 60's there will be another house move.

We were in our last house for 16 years but then had to move due to neighbours from hell. My nerves were shot to pieces. That was a lovely Victorian terrace. Although my present home (small 1930's semi) was more of a 'chance to get away' I do feel content here. I never want to have to live through those situations again. So while my lovely, elderly neighbours are still here, so will I be.

Kissed by an Angel said...

I've been married 36 years and this is our second house, and we have been here for 34 years!!! I'm guessing I'm not the one to ask!! Good luck deciding!!!

Emma said...

I have been married for 17 years and we have had 7 houses in that time. Althought I have moved 8 times with my parents, so that's a grand total of 15 homes I have lived in.
I hope that you get that house of your dreams..x

RosieP said...

Looks like this is not the house of your dreams, yet!

I have lived in my house for 13 years, but can't afford what I would love to live in at the moment so I'll stay here, for now.

Hugs RosieP x

LissyLou said...

I'm always wanting to move...i certainly haven't found my dream house yet!! But at the same time it is alot of money and effort to move so i'm staying put for another year or so. I think i've live in 6 houses in my life....4 in the time i've been with my husband (12 years).
I like bits of my house and i like the area....but i could do with(i want) a frontdrive, a prettier house, a kitchen that has room for a dining table, bigger rooms for the boys and a squarer lounge...ours is long and thin (i've always wanted a room where i can have 2 big sofas facing each other with a fireplace and coffee table in the middle!! However i do love my landing, bathrooms, dining room and my bedroom. I wonder if i'll ever get it all? ...or whether we'll always sacrifice somethng for something else?

charl said...

im constantly on rightmove looking at houses!!.
we've only been in this house for 3 years and it ticked most of the boxes when we were looking for a house..
but now as the boys are getting bigger im realising that it would be nice for them to have a garden instead of a small backyard.. so i would really love to move hubs is not even budging though so guess we're not going anywere!!!

Vanilla Press said...

Hi there!
I can totally identify with you. When we first arrived in Ireland from South Africa, we moved 4 times (in about 4 and a half years!
Then we bought this house...I love my little house...but always find reason why we "should" move..for example - our house is in a housing estate, so we can't choose our neighbours & it seems whatever you do is "other peoples business" !!
Things I love about my home: I love the fact that it was a shell when we bought it & so has our stamp on it, I chose the kitchen etc.
I love the little quiet village & the fact that the school is across the road & begins at 9:20!!
I guess I am very grateful for what we have....but always have a busy mind & am always looking for new adventures! (ie moving to New York oneday hee hee)

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh its a hard one isnt it!!! I only moved twice when I was little with my parents - Hubby and I are currently in our 3rd home together and I'm still not completely settled - Im definately a grass is greener girl and can be found browsing rightmove on a regular basis thinking there is always something better out there BUT then I have become to realise that we do need to stay put for a few more years for the sake of the children in school/friends etc etc but it wont stop me looking and planning for the next project ;-) Lx

Amanda and Tim said...

Oh I know this one so well... I actually lived in my parents' home for 17 years (they moved home when I was 1 and then have stayed there since)... but since then I have moved constantly - my first, second and fourth years at uni I lived in a different place each year and my second year was split between a home in Berlin and one in Russia. That was 5 homes in 4 years. Then I moved to my aunt's house in Cambridge until I found a house share - two more homes. Then I moved home again until I met Tim and we moved into a flat. A year later we moved into a colleagues house. A year later we're staying at his parents' until we can find a place to rent as soon as Tim hears back from his CRB check (you can see why our CRB checks take so long!!) We would LOVE to buy a place to stay somewhere long-term and make it our own but just cannot get a deposit together as first-time buyers in this climate, so we're facing renting again and really hope we find somewhere we can aim to be for several years, but again it won't be a forever home because we do want to buy a house sometime - and as we may only be able to afford a small house it will most likely only be a short-term thing too... it's stressful moving house, but it can be very exciting and slightly addictive, in that it becomes habit to move. Having said that, I would like to stay somewhere for a bit longer than just a year at a time now, after spending the past 8 years almost constantly moving!

Molton Hearts said...

In the 12 years that my hubby and I have been together we have moved 7 times, the last move nearly 2 years ago was a house swap, so easy and only took 4 weeks to do the legal stuff !! You would think working for an estate agents I would be fed up with it, but its a bit of a buzz - happy with this cottage at the mo, but never say never !!

Love the blog,

Vicki, north devon

Mary Poppins said...

I am a buttefly spirit and yes I have children and yes their schooling is very important, but I do love the moving house thing, and get bored easily. Though have not experienced many moves really. Moved from home to uni, then rented, then met husband, then rented again, then moved to first home, then here. We have Joshua in the little church here so my heart I thinks want to stay a little while longer. I think emotions, feelings, play an important role in it all.

Think you should be checking that smoke alarm, don't you. Cough, cough, or get someone else to do it for you ;0) XX

Carol said...

Hi Hun,I sould introduce you to my friend Tina, she can never settle, every home is going to be the one but we all smile and say nothing! knowing it will not be the one.
I have moved 5 times in my main home and twice in the cottage, which I no longer have as I was fed up with looking after two and all the paperwork I had with the holiday rentals.
I am settled and love the house and road I am in now. But I know we will move again when we need to release some capital for our pension.
Moving has been good for us. We stretched ourselves with our mort every time to get bigger and bigger and now have downsized to pay off the mort. We still have a 5 bed house although I only call it 4 and as is downstairs and is My Room! Picking the right time is key, there are some bargains to be had and if like us you can do a good diy job there is money to be made. I know some will say but your home should never be a money making thing, but get real if you want some spare cash in the bank when you get old and grumpy a house can be a good way to make some extra. Even a little is better than none. You sound a bit like me, need to get out and do something different. I will never sit still. Maybe it is because you just love doing them up? Most of my girlfriends men do not want to move and have to start the diy thing all over again, but the girls win every time. My hub never wanted to move I always phoned the estate agent and just got on with it, he sort of sailed along with me. It has paid off.

Florence and Mary said...


Thanks for stopping by... as for the moving questions I'm on my 3rd home having just moved out of my parents but that was where I spent most of my life. My first home was only for 2 years so I don't even remember it!

Victoria xx

Summer by the sea said...

I have moved so many times I can't count! - I am actually pretty settled at the moment in a house we have owned for nearly 6 years - we lived in it for 2 years, then rented it out for 3 years and now we are back - Only problem is, now Hubby isn't settled - I hope he comes round, as I am planning the garden and want to imagine it in 5/10 years time - who knows!
Natalie x

Carol said...

Hello Claire, you do make me giggle, I have to read your comments fast as I sense how quickly you I right?
I do not like my chairs on the lawn hense the barn thing. this is where they will live. I like the idea of eating in this type of area as the evening are nearly always so cold. I ran out of room on my patio too. I have my son making me another little patio area in the wooded bit of my garden, just so I can put a chair or two there!
I have been working flat out to try and get all the jobs finished, maybe next year we can sit and ejoy it!
Have a fab weekend. Hope the sun is still shining!
Carol xxx


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