Sunday, 7 March 2010

My Favourite New TV Show

Pineapple Dance Studio's!!!!I love it, I'm sure some people think its trash TV!! Even hubby is loving it and he is not a reality TV watcher!! I think Louie should be available on the brighten everyone lives!! I would love him as a friend, you would never have a dull moment with him!!
Catch it on Sky 1 sunday's at 8 (I think) and also various times through the week
Claire xx


Kissed by an Angel said...

Watch what you like on tv - trash or not!! It's meant to give you a break from everyday life!! Enjoy, keep viewing!!!

RosieP said...

I've seen it advertised but never watched it, might have to give it a go.

Enjoy, I watch a lot of rubbish on tv.

Hugs RosieP x

Florence and Mary said...

How have I not watched this... I'm going through my tv guide so I don't miss it again

Victoria x

mollycupcakes said...

Sorry Claire for not getting back to you, I've been under the weather. But yes please you can give my email to the lady about the Jamie Oliver party's. thank you sweetie.
Take care x
Catherine x

Emma said...

Hello Claire,
As you are one of my favourite bloggers,
I have nominated you for a SUNSHINE AWARD!
Have a peek on my blog if you would like further information.
Em xxx

Kitty M said...

Hello Claire! Hope you and little Daisy are well! I've been a bit absent the past week or two but back in full force and catching up with my fave blogs. Did your poster arrive? I just LOVE PDS, it's fab isn't it? 'Star Man's' Manager makes me laugh the most he is the complete opposite to Louie and just has me in hysterics :-) I have a little Easyer giveaway over on Dolliedaydream this week ... x


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