Sunday, 7 February 2010

Shouldnt Every Washing Up Liquid Bottle Have An Apron?

Just for fun, how cute is this! I bought a couple for friends for xmas but didn,t tell them what it was for , they had to guess, needless to say they couldn,t!! Anything to make washing up nicer I say!!A bit of modelling
Very fetching
I love my kitchen as you know (excuse the attractive power lead, tumble drier is essential in a household of MALES) but it is a very narrow galley kitchen, where the chair is, is a passing point between myself and whoever else is in kitchen!!!!
This is the dining part, we don't have a dining room as we felt a family room and living room would work better for us and we are casual diners in the entertaining stakes!!
Now I have dilema as I'm fed up of moving the table out and it then being in the way of the kitchen door. We are considering knocking through the wall ................
into the family room next door, now this would immedialty give us space as the kitchen door would be blocked up so the dining table could be turned around to face the other wall plus it could also be moved into the family room if we had a family gathering etc!! I do like the idea of this but at the same time Im wondering about cooknig smells and the washing machine (no space for a utility!
Hubby has suggested some nice bi-fold doors to solve problem!!
What do you all think?
Love this pic of Feb calender from Homes and Antiques,
Spring is just around the corner!!
Claire xxx


MelMel said...

Where did you buy them???
They are SO cute!

How is the childminding going???xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

So cute ! Re the wall I would knock it down I'm a fan of bigger open spaces and you could just avoid having the washing machine on if you had people round and you prob wouldn't notice on a daily basis if your children are as noisy as mine as I can't hear myself think anyway ;) x

Shabby Chick said...

Love the little apron, I've seen those on ebay before and fancied one, they are so sweet!

Your kitchen is gorgeous even it is narrow, wish mine was as nice! Not sure about the open plan thing, we could potentially make our living room and dining room open plan but haven't because of the noise factor. Our kitchen door is pretty much always propped open with a doorstop as we are in and out so much but it can be a loud when the washing machine is spinning. Hmmm hard to say hun!

Mel xxx

Monica said...

I say do it!!!

We did that and it's fantastic, now the kitchen/dining area are the best part of the house and we hardly use anything else.

We don't notice the cooking smell... (invest in a good 'hood' if you're worried about it)

do it. You won't regret it!!

(I've got three boys too, I know how messy they are...)

coco rose said...

I'm with the others, knock it down! Sounds so easy when you say it! I don't think cooking smells would be too much of a problem...the sense of space would easily make up for it! The apron idea is great! Why can't everyday things look great too! Have a great day! xxx

RosieP said...

Thanks for joining me, I'm loving your kitchen, I know what you mean about the dilema of taking the wall down, I've been through the same thing and decided against it.

Hugs RosieP x

Kitty M said...

Claire so lovely to meet you and thanks for stopping by Dolliedaydream. I CANNOT believe Daisy! How funny is that she looks like Poppie's long lost younger sister!! She is gorgeous - you have inspired me to do a cat post this afternoon - check in later on there will be a little something for you :-)

Emma said...

I love your kitchen because it not the run of the mill fitted jobbie, I live in a new build house regrettably and would love to rip my kitchen out and pop an unfitted kitchen in with lovely shelves like yours.
The washing up liquid looks divine haha. Emma x
P.s still can't get hold of those curtains :0(

Mary Poppins said...

Wow your photographd are so gorjus, real eye candy, thanks for sharing, and yes little olde me would love to know where you got those cute, cute washing up liquid pinnies from, I WANT ONE lol like a child stamping her feet.

Thanks for the lovely comments, apologies if I am not up to date but hope the J O business you were doing is going well :)

Love and hugs


Red Riding said...

i have the same problem..table pushed to the wall in the kitchen or in the way in the middle!if you have the room i would say do it!
i sadly dont or i would be knocking into the alley way of the house next door!
btw love your kitchen,i adore that shade of a green and floral kind of gal!


mollycupcakes said...

Hello Claire,
Your kitchen is lovely. I was wondering how to find out if someone could do me a jamie at home party. I'm in Rochester Kent. If you could let me know sweetie that would be fab x
Hope your well.
Catherine x

Kissed by an Angel said...

Just popped by to say hello!!! I am with the knock down the wall group - it'll look great!!! You have a lovely home!!

Isobel said...

Hi Claire,
Can I ask where did you buy those washing up liquid aprons too? They are really cute!
I agree that bigger spaces are better, so I am with the knock down the wall girls.
BTW, your kitchen is cute anyway.

Lavender hearts said...

I'm not a huge open plan fan to be honest. I think it looks nice, but doesn't always work. I imagine when you have kids too you probably want to keep their mess confined into one room, but with open plan everything is on show.

If you have a galley kitchen do you have a side return? If so, maybe you could (one day) extende out the side? Your kitchen is lovely even if it is narrow (I had a much narrower kitchen in my last house I can assure you!).

coco rose said...

I love the Shaker Shack in Mumbles. The outlaws live 5 mins away from it along the sea front. That's where I get all my American candles from....soooo much better than Yankee but was gutted as they have closed their shop, although sil says they are re-opening another small one not far away so will be pleased! The Oystermouth Gallery is one of my favourites too just up from there on the right. Always come away with something to take home! Laughing! Any excuse! Might have to pay a visit to Matalan also, but on bread and butter 'til the end of the month with my Primark blowout! I am so rubbish when I see a bargain! Have a fab day! xxx

michelle from Six in the City said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Your kitchen is just lovely, too!


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