Saturday, 16 January 2010

Last As Usual

Better late than never, here are some snowy pics from Cardiff, although its currently raining and snow is all but a distant memory!

No.1 son resided inside the whole time the snow was with us, not a fan at all bless him!! These two love it!!

Can you see me? Am I hidden???
For some reason Daisy (or as she is know, Miss Daisy, Daisy Pickin or the boys current fave Daisy Rascal) loved the snow, I don't know of any other cat who wanted to roll around it but hey whatever floats your boat kitty kat!!
We have had Daisy for nearly a year and she is the most sweet natured cat, the boys adore her. As soon as they come in from school the first thing they ask is 'where's Daisy' and constantly fught over who's bed she can sleep on.

If she has been out in the rain she waits by the cupboard I keep the towels in to be dried, most days she goes out for a play with next doors cat in the morning, sleeps on Louie's bed in the afternoon and will not let myself or Steve read in bed, she will push her head under the book or magazine you are reading and plonk herself in front it so you have no option but to put it down! Now what did I say about her not being aloud in the bedrooms especially at night......hmmmm!

Last night myself and the boys went with family to see Robin Hood the pantomine in Cardiff, John Barrowman was Robin, it was fantastic, I giggled all the way through it as you can imagine there were lots of inuendo's from him. I loved watching the boys shouting " he's behind you, oh no it is isn't and BOOOOO" they really got into it!! Great fun!!

Claire xxx


MelMel said...

Love snow cat pic!
Also...fab pink boots!xx

Mandy said...

love the photos..... doesnt it all look so beautiful x great pics of the cat too x

Florence and Mary said...

The snow was starting to become tiresome but I have to say I prefered it from the all day rain we've had today!!

Victoria xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Snow was definitely preferable to yesterdays rain... but as I look out he window the sky is blue the sun is shining and all houshold chores will be cancelled due to nice weather... by hook or by crook we will go out today! lol

What a lovely cat... and if we didn't keep ours in the kitchen at night she would spend her time sat on my chest purring in my face! ;D

x Alex

Kerry McKibbins said...

Love those pink boots!!!!
Where did you get them??

Vanilla Press said...

Wow, you guys got a load of snow in England!
We got a bit in Ireland, managed to build a snow man & have some snow ball fights!
That cat is gorgeous & your photos are lovely.
Take care

Michelle said...

love those pics and wow you got tonnes of snow compared to us in Ireland !!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Very pretty!

Red Riding said...

ahh your sweet kitty cat
i am the same with mine but i have 3!!
every day i say they are not allowed to sleep in the bedroom and every evening what happens??
bless them

*someone whose coming across as an extreme cat lady right now =)


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