Monday, 14 April 2008

Thankyou Summer by the Sea

This a quick post to say a big thankyou to the lovely Natalie at Summer by the Sea for a blog candy award, as I'm really busy with the new house I'm just letting you all know I will be posting all about the award and who will be recieving it from me very soon when my brain is in blog mode and not wallpaper stripping, kitchen and bathroom planning and colour scheme mode. Take care you lovley bloggers, back soon...claire x


cd&m said...

So very pleased to hear that you got the house, all hands on deck now I suppose until you move in. Many congratulations and lots of good wishes.

Vanessa said...

Glad to hear you have not shrunk with all the steam from the wallpaper stripper. I hope every things going OK?

Pixiedust said...

Love your blog, you must be so excited about the new house, i know i could'nt wait to get in there and decorate. x

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Claire I hope it's all going well and not to stressful.

Well done on winning the award hun.


Catherine x

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Claire - thanks for the mention! - I posted your surprise today so hopefully it should be with you in the morning/Monday - I can't wait to see your house when its done - I think I'm more excited than you! - Natalie x

prettyshabby said...

hello Claire,sorry its taken me a while to get back to you.. in answer to your range cooker question, ours is a Delonghi, it was the cheapest one at the time, (we've had it about 7 years) and if it helps they usually measure 900mm wide. Sairer x

Brigitta said...

I'm bloghopping and found you too, great blog, will come here regularly I guess ;-))

Vintage Amethyst said...

Congratulations on your award!
Hope all the house work is going well, can't wait to see photos!
Alison x

shabby chic said...

Hi Claire,
So pleased you liked the bits & peices. Hope you enjoyed the choc too! x Dom


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