Wednesday, 5 March 2008

going dotty

I absolutey love polka dots, they make me happy and remind me of spring and easter, the heart above is my favourite dotty item, it hangs from my bedroom window handle.
this is my growing collection of Emma Bridgewater, i'm thinking of adding a new style as this does look very dotty!!
i bough these from the lovely Jennifer at Buttercup and Roses and she sent the heart which i love.


Vintage Amethyst said...

Hi, thank you so much for leaving me a message, it meant I have found you here at your lovely blog. I am definately going to have a good look around.
Thank you for your sweet messages.
Love Alison x

julia said...

Red and white polka dots abound in this house, although I'm going to have to curb my enthusiasm a bit before we go too Minnie Mouse!
Love all your stuff.
Julia x

Clairey said...

Oh my...your EB collection is to die for! Sigh. You lucky thing!

Vanessa said...

You cannot go wrong with dots, everyone loves them. They always look very clean to me, does that sound strange!

I have a very similar heart hanging from my bedroom window!

Vintage Tea said...

I love polka dots too, so cheerful!


Jasmine said...

Hi there
I love dots too..that Emma Bridgewater collection is great, they are stocking it more and more here in Cork, Yippeee!
Have a great day

Suzie Sews said...

hearts and don't get much happier than that!!!

Summer by the sea said...

I love polka dots, but men don't seem to like them - at least mine doesn't! - the heart you have next to your fire is really nice - keep on posting pics of your place! - Natalie xr

debbie said...

i love it all!! Your home looks really welcoming from the bits you have posted! I love the dotty accessories and have a few pieces myself, they go with everything! lol


Curlew Country said...

Oh polka dots are just fab aren't hey (I've just bought a polka dot blouse on ebay!) and I have the very same tin heart. The Bridgewater factory shop is in the city close to where I live, so its very temptimg to call in and splurge!
What a lovely, cosy home you have,
Enjoy the weekend

Deb said...

What a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater collection you have! The polka dots are wonderful and fun.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Snap - have the same heart hanging in our bathroom which was a prezzie from Hannah last year. And we have mostly EB spotty china with some of the others added to lessen the spots-before-the-eyes syndrome!

Don't hold your breath re getting a cat. I don't think it will ever happen. A dog would be more likely. Once Gillie and Jasper leave I think Pauley will want one again. It's 6 years since we lost our mad black mongrel Rosie.

Sue x

Amanda said...

Oh I adore sweet little dotty things too - so I am very jealous!!


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