Monday, 18 February 2008

My First Tag

Yeah, I've been tagged for the first time by Vintage to Victorian, thankyou...I've seen these tag and swaps that go on and hoped to be invited so I'm very pleased. The tag is about your own 5 favourite archive blogs, well mine won't be hard as I don't have many so I might have to change it a little bit.
You have 5 links which are.
1 : must be about family
2 : must be about friends
3 : must be about yourself-who your are, what your all about
4 : must be about something you love
5 : can be anything you choose.
You then have to write about the links then tag 5 other bloggers with at least 2 being new acquaintances, which won't be hard because your nearly all new!! So here goes
I have the most wonderful husband, I split from my ex husband vowing to never marry again when a year (didn't take me long to change my )later my husband came in to my life, I know this will sound nuts but I belive my mum sent him to me just at the right momement in my my eyes he is so handsome, he is everything to me and I hope he realises it, he's kind, funny but also brings me down to earth when I get carried away with things...straight away he wanted to be a part of my oldest two's lives who were one and three, he has a son from his previous marriage and we have a gorgeous little one between us. We are very lucky because as a step family we get on amazing, my boys adore him and my stepson who is a loving and caring boy. I'm proud of the fact that my older two have never seen any trouble between myself and ex, they see us as friends which I think has benefitted them.
All our boys are gorgeous (biased of course ) my stepson is 12 this year and has just started high school, popular with the girls, he loves football, rugby and heavy metal like his dad and has just started his own band, he plays drums and guitar and is growing up to be a wonderful young man.
Then there is my eldest who will be nine this year, he is my mature, sensitive and inquisitive, gorgeous looking first born, obssesed with football and football magazines (where does he get it from)he plays for a local team and takes it very seriously. Then comes to my middle one who will be 7 this year, he is the comedian of the family, he's cute with gorgeous green eyes and a cheeky grin, he's always smiling and very accident prone as he is a right daredevil who I'm convinced when he is an adult will be a adreniline junkie climbing mountains and doing other very dangerous trick to scare me. Finally we come to the baby, I say baby but he will be 5 this year, he has the longest eyelashes ever, when he was a baby people would stop me in the street even men to comment on them, people say he looks just like me which is the biggest compliment as he is gorgeous, bless him he does look a bit like a girl as he has long hair ( short hair just doesn't suit him ), he is also the naughtiest but tend to get away with it because of his looks. He will do anything to be involved with his brothers and is a real homebody and a proper daddies boy.
Gosh I've gone on a bit and it's only the first post.

I know a lot of people, my husband hates the fact that we can go anywhere in the UK and I will see someone I recognise (even happened in New York ) but I don't have a lot of real friends, I'm sure that goes for a lot of you closest friends don't really know each other bestest friend is my hubbie.....then follows my bestest girlie friend who I have known for around ten years, she is the one I tell everything to and we meet up every week, go on shopping trips together, cinema to see really girly films our husbands don't want to see and is there whenever I need her plus when I move will be just around the corner...I have another very good friend who I used to work with who I see regular and speak all the time to and then I have a couple of school friends that I meet up with every couple of months to catch up....As all my boys are now in school I've made lots of new acqaintances with their friends mums and we go out around once a month.

3 ME
As you can tell I like to talk, if you met me in person withing 5 mins I've given you my life story, I don't mean to it just comes out and I'm a very open book but there are things that I can keep secret....I'm very honest, people see me has a happy person so if I'm not smiling or am quiet you know there is something wrong. I never judge people on what they do or how they live their lives. I used to be very laid back but since becoming a mum have turned neurotic and will cry over the slightest thing which really annoys me!! I have lots of dreams that I would like to happen but am learning to live with what I've got..

New York..don't know how to link my previous blog on New York to this. I can't explain what it is about the place that I love, I'm sure that there are equally many wonderful places in America and I've been to a couple of places but my heart really does belong there, I used to work as a beauty consultant for Clinique, not sure if a lot of you know that they are part of the same company as Estee Lauder and each year they choose a team from each part of UK, Europe, Japan etc as team of the year and my store won it, the prize was all inclusive trip to New York, this was the first time i had been and knew I was going to love it before I had got there. We were treated like celebs ,it was the real deal, fab 5 star hotel overlooking central park, escorted everywhere, dinner every night all paid for, river cruise (where I spent most of it in the loo being very sick as really bad traveller ) visiting the offices on 5th ave, meeting everyone who make up Clinique and Lauder. Our last night was a gala dinner at the River Cafe, this is situated in Brookyln just under Brooklyn bridge and has the most beautiful views over Manhatten especially at night, one of the highlights for me was having a glass of red wine spilt over my lap by my friend who immediatly threw a glass of white on top as she had heard thats what your supposed to do and having the vice president and creative director rush over and try clean me up, i have a great photo of them both with serviettes cleaning me up...I've since been back to New York and I'm sure will go many more in my lifetime.

This is a hard one, there are so many thing I love , I suppose finding out about this blogging lark is one of them, my family and friends don't understand my passion for homes, interiors and lifestyle so it fantastic that I've met so many of you on line that feel the same the same way, I love everyday checking my favourite blogs to see what your all getting up to in your everday life and finding that we have the same interests and can relate to you all in so many ways....thankyou xx

Hope I have't bored you all do death, there are so many other things i've got to share!!!
I'm tagging the following
Buttercup and Roses
Molly Cupcakes
My Life and Other Beads
Vintage Heaven
Just Original
Have a good day xx


julia said...

Great post, lovely to hear about all those gorgeous boys of yours.
I loved New York when I visited about 12 years ago, it was just how I imagined it and I'd love to go back soon.
Thanks for tagging me, I will try to do it very soon but I am chronically disorganised!
Julia xx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hee hee - well done! No wonder it took you 2 hours!!! 'See' you again soon!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for tagging me! I will get round to it over the next week. Wow whats it like to have that many men in your life! You need to find more girls in your life to balance out all the testosterone that will inflict your home over the few years!

Amanda said...

Yay your first tag - go you!! I laughed so hard at the bit about the wine that I think I may have snorted lol! Great post!!


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